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2003-2004 VHS Pirates sports!

Featuring the VHS Girls Volleyball homepage, 2003!

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Pirate Fastpitch v Post Falls, Idaho!

Pirate Fastpitch v Cascade Christian!

Pirate Fastpitch v Steilacoom!

Pirate Fastpitch v Life Christian!

Pirate Fastpitch v Eatonville, and Fastpitch Seniors 2004!

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Fastpitch Seniors, 2004!

The Fastpitch Seniors, 2004 are about half-way down the Eatonville game...


Pirate Fastpitch and the Mariner Moose at VYBS Opening Day, 2004!

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Pirate baseball vs North Mason! Out at first!

The Pirates make a great pickoff play at first!

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Pirate Girls Basketball Awards!

(I see people are looking for this, so here ya go!)

Pirate JV basketball won the WIAA Outstanding Academic Award with a cumulative GPA of 3.53; Pirate Varsity basketball won the WIAA Distinguished Award with a 3.52 team GPA; Fifteen of the 25 players in the fall 2003 basketball program had a GPA of 3.5 or higher!

Two new school records were set: Jennifer Osgood for most blocks in a single season at 83 (I have the past record at 62 by Bonnie Carroll in 1995); and a new team record for total blocks at 149, old record 144 from 1995-96!

Overall Statistical award winner: Jennifer Osgood; Free Throw ladder winner: Sabrina Pieterick; JV High Scorer: Rachel Stendahl; Varsity High Scorer: Jacquelyn Shigley; JV Free Throw awards: Megan Thorn and Jane Albertson!

Awards voted by the Pirate team members:

Sportsmanship: JV, Jane Albertson; Varsity, Brittany Jackson

Most Inspirational: JV, Jane Albertson; Varsity, Brittany Jackson

Most Improved: JV, Rachel Stendahl; Varsity, Anya Serebryakov

Team Player: JV, Megan Thorn; Varsity, Deborah Hill

MVP: Varsity, Jennifer Osgood


New Pirates pictures!

Spring 2004 Fastpitch softball!

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2004 Cheer Senior's Night!

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Varsity boys basketball vs Foster!

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Varsity girls basketball vs Foster, and Senior's Night!

(And Sandy's birthday!)

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The Varsity boys: Port Townsend!

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And Varsity girls basketball vs Port Townsend!

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2004 2A West Central Wrestling Districts took place at Vashon High School, Saturday, February 7, 2004!

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Basketball pictures from the Varsity Girls at Eatonville!

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2004 Wrestling-Cheer Senior's Night pictures are up!

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Check out Winter 2004 Pirate Cheer!

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Pictures from the 01/22 dual meet Foster-Steilacoom wrestling match are up!

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VHS Homecoming 2003!

I don't think anyone's seen these: Homecoming 2003 at halftime; the Court; the Parade; the floats!

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Winter 2003 VHS Sports

Winter 2003 sports begin Monday, November 17, 2003!

Boys Basketball schedule

Boys JV Basketball schedule

Girls Basketball schedule

Girls JV Basketball schedule

Wrestling schedule

(Content cheerfully obtained from a wide variety of sources, including my own observations!)

01/27-30/04: Varsity Pirate Basketball swept by Sequim, Steilacoom at home :-(

Sequim: Varsity Boys: 50-66; Varsity Girls: 25-29; JV Girls lost by 5; JV Boys, late..

Steilacoom: Varsity Boys: 41-51; Varsity Girls: 28-37; JV Girls, JV Boys, late..

I fully expected that Tuesday's game against Sequim (5-1 Nisqually League coming in) would be a tough one for the Varsity boys. As that game unfolded, the Pirates played pretty well but were simply held at bay by a very competent Wolves basketball team, and the Pirates lost by a score that doesn't really suggest how well they played: 50-66.

Next, to add insult to injury Steilacoom (6-0 Nisqually league) came in Friday and defeated the Pirates again, and here the score was closer at 41-51, but still another loss.

Friday's game was potentially more threatening with Steilacoom always a powerhouse, and this year undefeated. The Pirates started out playing the Sentinels well, tying and being ahead in the first half by four. Vashon started the third quarter up by one point, but the Pirates were pretty quickly caught from behind by solid Steilacoom shooting and a stiff defense that made Pirate shooting go cold: with 1:45 left in the third we were down 22-33 having hit only two points. Again the Pirates put on a bit of a rush, but it was too late in the fourth quarter, and Steilcoom's foul shooting and defense kept Vashon at best nine points behind. Final score: Vashon 41, Steilacoom 51.

Pirate scoring against Steilacoom: Clay Gleb, 6 pts; Michael Burke, 4 pts; Brandon Thomas, 5 pts; Shane Davis, 2 pts; Kevin Sontgerath, 11 pts; J.T. Bender, 7 pts; Kyle Walsh, 4 pts; Bryan Amstrup, 2 pts.

Soon after the opening tip Tuesday against Sequim, it seemed like we might be in for a long night: the Pirates were down 1-16 when Coach Sears called a full timeout with 3:51 left in the first. From that point the Pirates played a tougher defense and started hitting their shots, and we finished the first quarter down 9-16. The second quarter seemed to offer the Pirates some hope in that we got as close as four points at about six minutes, but some shooting fouls, a reaching foul after a good Pirate defensive stop, and a three-seconds violation all helped to break Vashon's momentum. A beautiful block by Shane Davis (5 points) ended the second quarter, but the score was 19-27, Vashon down.

The Pirates came out from the half and played well but Sequim did also at its level, pulling slowly away 21-29, to 21-36 on a Sequim three, to 24-38 at 1:58 left when the Pirates ran a good trap on Sequim's inbounds, got a steal, but couldn't score. The third quarter ended with a nice three by Kevin Sontgerath (16 points) and a two by Shane, but the score was 31-40. Not an impossible task, but not likely given the way Sequim was playing.

In the fourth the Pirates gave up several shooting fouls right away and Sequim started hitting its freethrows. Kevin hit a strong three from the top of the key, we're at 34-45 with 6:23 left. The Pirates played some strong defense: a steal by Kevin, but we lost the ball out-of-bounds; Quintin Barnes (3 points) forced Sequim to lose the ball out-of-bounds and Kyle Walsh (high scorer at 21 points) hit for two on our inbounds, but we're only at 38 and Sequim has run up to 54, 3:30 remaining. Three-pointers by Kyle and by Kevin helped, but that was pretty much it as all Sequim had to do was trade baskets and hit its freethrows to stay comfortably ahead. Final score: Vashon 50, Sequim 66.

Pirate scoring against Sequim: Clay Gleb, 2 pts; Brandon Thomas, 2 pts; Shane Davis, 5 pts; Kevin Sontgerath, 16 pts; Quintin Barnes, 3 pts; Kyle Walsh, 21 pts; Chad Tilman, 1 pt.

01/23/04: Varsity Pirate Basketball splits with Klahowya at home

Varsity Girls win, 46-35; Varsity Boys lose, 53-67

(The JV Girls won by 16, my reporter Rachel Stendahl tells me, and Rachel herself scored 10! Don't know the JV Girls' score; don't know about the JV Boys...)

Varsity Girls

The 1-and-5 Klahowya Eagles Girls came to Vashon Friday, January 23, and were swept by both the Varsity and the Junior Varsity Pirates for their trouble.

Klahowya scores first but Anya Serebryakov hits for two and we're tied. An early shooting foul by Klahowya has Jennifer Osgood shooting two and making one freeethrow for a net three points, Vashon up 5-2; a three by Jacquelyn Shigley, Pirates up 8-6; a steal by the Pirates yeilds a two by Brittany Jackson, Pirates up 10-6; a block by Jennifer; a steal by Sabrina Pieterick, she's fouled shooting, makes both freethrows, Pirates up 12-8; steals by Deborah Hill and Anya yeild two and we're up 14-10 at the end of the first quarter.

And so it went.

The Pirates are up 19-10 when Brittany picks up her third personal foul at 4:56 in the second quarter, but that ended causing no great harm; Jennifer pulls down a rebound, Christy Ablott two; timeout Klahowya at 2:31 with the Pirates up 21-10. We score, they score, they get a couple freethrows, and the first half ends, Vashon up 23-14.

The third quarter starts and we foul Klahowya several time and Sandy calls a timeout at 5:04, score 29-19. Sabrina is fouled shooting, makes the two, misses the freethrow; Deborah hits a nice two off a rebound and we're to 33-21; Brit gets two; Jennifer with a strong block; Jennifer with a rebound and a putback for two; Klahowya calls a timeout at 1:42; the third ends with the Pirates up 37-23.

We trade fouls with Klahowya and come out ahead on freethrows 4-3; add in some more Pirate baskets and some Eagle baskets and we get to the final of 46-35.

All-in-all a good win. The girls were really well in control throughout the game, made no serious mistakes, took good shots, showed good passing.

Varsity Boys

Despite playing what one knowledgeable parent described as their best first half in recent memory against the visiting Klahowya Eagles (1-4 Nisqually League) on Friday, January 23, and going in to the locker room at the half ahead 23-14, the Pirate Boys saw their lead slowly erode in the third quarter and vanish in the fourth.

Klahowya awakened with the first in a string of four 3's in the second half that made the score 36-26, then 38-29, then 38-32, then 38-34 on a Klahowya two, and time out Vashon with 3:08 left in the third. Returning from the time out the Pirates hit four to match Klahowya's four, and the third quarter ended 42-38, Vashon up.

The fourth quarter saw the Pirates quickly caught from behind by 7:12, score 42-43. Vashon was suddenly stuck at 42 points while Klahowya kept hitting, and at 5:00 in the fourth the score was 44-51. Klahowya hit a couple 3's, a couple 2's, and we were at 46-58. And that's the way the fourth quarter went: we'd shoot and shoot, and Klahowya would shoot and hit, and with less than two minutes to play we were down 47-60. From that point the Pirates hit six to the Eagle's seven, and the final score ended at 53-67.

What really happened in the third and fourth quarters? Pirate shot selection was pretty much the same as in the first half, and we were still getting the ball into the paint pretty well, but our shots just wouldn't drop. For the game we bested Klahowya on turnovers: ours, 8 against their 13, so that wasn't the answer. Really it came down to a lid on our basket, Klahowya's string of three pointers for 12 points, and the fact that Klahowya really started hitting their freethrows late in the fourth quarter, scoring 7 points from the line.

Pirate scoring: Shane Davis, 13; Michael Burke, 8; Kyle Walsh, 7; Bryan Amstrup, 7; Kevin Sontgerath, 6; Clay Gleb, 5; J.T. Bender, 5.

A tough loss. Not heartbreaking in the sense that we were blown out, but tough in that we were evenly matched against the Eagles, and just weren't able to respond when Klahowya turned it up.

Next up for Pirate basketball: two home games next week, against Sequim on Tuesday 01/27, and Steilacoom on Friday 01/30/04.

Hot Flash!

01/22/04: Pirate Wrestlers become Dual-Meet Champions with a last-match win over Steilacoom!

In what has probably got to be the most exciting wrestling meet I'll see in quite a while, David Twietmeyer saves a Pirate victory with a fall at :16 remaining in the second period!

Going into the final match of the evening, the Pirates were up 31-30 over a pretty tough Steilacoom wrestling squad.

David came out strongly and carried the critical match right from the start. 2 points green takedown; 1 point red escape; 2 points green takedown at 1:04; 1 point green 'cause the Steilacoom wrestler kept crawling out-of-bounds; end the first period with David up, 5-1.

The second: 1 point red, technical violation, locked hands; 2 points green takedown; 2 points green takedown at :49 and David was really getting the upper hand; David scored the fall at :16 left in the second and that was it!

Very unofficial Varsity matches: Paul Rudisky wins by a fall at 1:10; Evan Mattingly wins by a fall with :34 left; Nick Berry wins 2-0, 5-0, 11-1; Tyler Gateman fought a great battle, tying at 1-2, 3-3, 5-5, and barely losing 5-7; Alex Gateman wins by forfeit; Ben Staadecker loses a tough match 1-8, 1-10, 2-14; Team scores now Vashon 22 Steilacoom 13; Eric Phillips barely loses 4-1, ..., 5-6; Lauren Daniels loses by a fall at 2:20; Team scores now 22-21, Vashon up; Micah Sohl comes from behind 2-2, 4-7 to win 13-7; Josh Thorn was cut below an eye and ended with an injury fall to Steilacoom after 3 minutes of blood T/O couldn't stop the bleeding; Team scores now 25-27, Vashon down; Stefan Wolzcko loses 0-2, 2-3, 5-8; Robert Bennedsen scores a win by fall and we go into the final match with David, team scores 31-30, Vashon up.

Hot Flash!

01/21/04: Pirate Wrestlers defeat 5-0 Sequim!

Sequim is now 5-1; the Pirates (I believe..) are 7-0!

Very unofficial matches: JV Adam Laur 5-4, 9-5, wins by a fall at 4:25; JV Kristen Kozak loses by a fall; JV Will Olsen 5-0, 5-1, wins 14-1; JV Lucas Lorenzo wins by a fall; JV David Twietmeyer wins by a fall at :54; JV Kevin Sullivan 0-5, loses by a fall at 2:47; JV Wes York 0-2, 0-4, 0-6 loses by decision; JV Eric Anderson wins by a fall; JV Lauren Daniels wins by a fall at 1:35.

Varsity Ben Staadecker 4-2, 12-5, 16-7 wins by decision; Vars Eric Philips 2-6, 6-9, 9-14 loses by decision; Vars Wiley Volker 2-7, 2-11 loses by decision; Vars Micah Sohl 4-4, 6-4, 6-5 with :22 left, wins by decision; Vars Josh Thorn 4-1, 8-3, 15-4 wins by decision and the combined Team Score is Vashon 11, Sequim 13.

Varsity Dominick Wolczko 2-0, 8-0, 12-2 wins by decision, Vashon up 15-13; Vars Robert Bennedsen wins by a fall at 1:01, team score Vashon up 21-13; Vars Paul Rudisky 9-1, wins by a fall at 2:24, team score 27-13; Vars Evan Mattingly 7-1, wins by a fall at 3:21, team score 33-13; Vars Fred Medlicott 1-4, loses by a fall at 2:15, team score 33-19; Vars Nick Berry wins by a fall at 1:37, team score 39-19; Alex Gateman 5-2, 7-2, 9-2 wins by decision; Tyler Gateman loses by a fall at :11.

Again, the final: Vashon 42, Sequim 25!

01/16/04: Pirate Basketball gets swept, away at Foster :-(

Both the Boys and the Girls basketball teams lost at Foster, Boys: 43-68; Girls 48-63

Girls' scoring: Jennifer Osgood 16; Sabrina Pieteriek 9; Brittany Jackson 5; Carin Beba 4; Anya Serebrykov 4; Jacquelyn Shigley 4; Halley Pearson 3; Debra Hill 2; Violet Wilson 1

Boy's scoring: Shane Davis 9; Bryan Amstrup 7; Quinton Barnes 6; Kyle Walsh 5; J.T. Bender 4; Clay Gleb 4; Kevin Sontgerath 4; Michael Burke 2; Brandon Thomas 2

Midweek: January 14, 2004

01/13/04: Pirate Boys Basketball beats Orting!

Having survived the Blizzard of '04 that cancelled a game against Eatonville, and a bruising trip (L 28-74) down to Steilacoom, the Pirate Boys basketball team went into the second week of Nisqually League play with a home game last Tuesday, January 13 against the Orting Cardinals and the Pirates returned to much of the uptempo, high energy play that they displayed during the preseason while defeating Orting soundly 73-57.

The game started out evenly but Orting gave up its last lead of the night at 8-9 with about three minutes left in the first, and the Pirates walked away slowly and steadily from then on. Score by quarters: Q1 15-13; Q2 41-26; Q3 60-35; Q4 73-57. Every Pirate on the roster played, and scored.

Game notes: J.T. Bender (8 points) started things out with a 3 to make the score 4-4 in the first; Michael Burke (11 points) made two great steals, one in each half; Clay Gleb (8 points) shot three straight two's in the third quarter to bring the score to 48-28; Quintin Barnes (6 points) got half his scoring on a baseline three to get the Pirates to 58-30 in the third; Kyle Walsh (7 points) finished the third quarter and started the fourth with two's; Chad Tillman (2 points) pulled down several strong rebounds in the fourth; and the fourth quarter saw some strong passing, one leading to Chris Amstrup's (6 points) two at 71-48 off a great pass by Shane Davis (7 points).

Pirate Girls Basketball defeated by the Cardinals, 38-69 :-(

Given that the first quarter ended 4-12, and the half at 9-27, the Pirates were in a pretty deep hole when they came out to start the second half.

The Pirates scored 8 straight points to open the second half and get to 17-27, but a full-court press by the Cardinals pretty much put a stop to that.

Reserves were called in for the fourth quarter to get some playing time for the younger players, and the final score was pretty telling...

Saturday, January 10, 2004: Hoquiam Wrestling Tournament: Vashon 5th place

01/09/04: Pirate Basketball meets with an old nemesis, Steilacoom :-(

Both the Boys and the Girls go down to defeat; Boys, 28-74; Girls 34-56.

Let's face it: I can't remember a season since the mid-90's when the Sentinels haven't been a pain in the b*tt.

On the Boy's side, the Sentinels have two relative monsters: 6'6" 295 pound Cory Balogh, and 6'2" 260 pound Derek Schutler. Add presses on defense, and fast breaks on offense, and it was a valiant but tough battle for the Pirates.

The Girls seemed as though they would do well even when Steilacoom started out with seven straight points, but the first quarter ended with Vashon down 9-18. From that point the Sentinels pulled away slowly and steadily to the 34-56 final.

01/08/04: Pirate Wrestlers dismantle North Mason, 59-9

A pretty comprehensive thumping by the Wild Pack of Family Dogs(tm)!

Individual matches: 103#: Tyler Gateman (V) pinned Patton at 2:50; 112#: Jackson (N) d Alex Gateman 11-7; 119#: double forfeit; 125#: Murray (N) forfeit; 130#: Eric Phillips (V) pinned Smith at 3:38; 135#: Wiley Volker (V) pinned Collett at 3:02; 140#: Micah Sohl (V) d Walker 17-2; 145#: Dominick Wolczko (V) forfeit; 152#: Stefan Wolczko (V) forfeit; 160#: Adam Laur (V) d Peterson 9-8; 171#: Robert Bennedsen (V) d Polhamus 10-5; 189#: Paul Rudisky (V) pinned Hicks at 0:30; 215#: Evan Mattingly (V) pinned Blair 1:21; 275#: Nick Berry (V) pinned Cox at 3:41

Midweek: January 7, 2004

Vashon wrestlers finish second at Sequim, January 1-2, 2004

Team scores - White River 175.5, Vashon 162.5, Anacortes 127, Clover Park 123, Aberdeen 117, Sequim 112.5, Mount Rainier 112, Curtis 110, West Seattle 107.5, Bremerton 80, Kentlake 79.5, Mount Si 71.5, Klahowya 68, Port Angeles 61, Cedarcrest 54, Lakes 51.5, North Mason 46.5, Port Townsend 44, Bainbridge 29.5.

Notable Championship matches: 103#: Alex Gateman, Vashon, dec. Matt Farris, Sequim, 8-4. 112#: Davyin Neymeyer, Aberdeen, major dec. Brandon Brown, Anacortes 13-2. 119#: Desean Willis, Lakes, pinned Jeremy Baarsma, Aberdeen, 1:20. 125#: David Howard, Cedarcrest, pinned Paul Klein, White River, 5:01. 130#: Matt Roll, Clover Park, dec. Jeff Hatton, Aberdeen, 5-3. 135#: J.J. Westover, White River, tech. fall Brandon Fuellas, Sequim, 15-0. 140#: Keith Johnson, Port Townsend, dec. Ionica Hanson, West Seattle, 11-4. 145#: Josh Thorn, Vashon, pinned Buddy Bennet, Bremerton, 4:44. 152#: Tony Dorward, Mount Rainier, dec. Danny Smith, Bremerton, 8-4. 160#: Robert Bennedsen, Vashon, major dec. Omar Petty, Clover Park, 15-2. 171#: Dustin Haukenburry, White River, pinned Paul Rudisky, Vashon, 4:20. 189#: Brad Padgett, White River, dec. Evan Mattingly, V, 16-12. 215#: Brian Bonner, Anacortes, pinned Trevor Moore, Mount Si, 5:47. 275#: Cory Looney, Port Angeles, dec. Curtis Baskett, West Seattle, 3-1.

01/02/04: Pirate Boys Basketball loses to Cascade Christian, 63-53

Clay Gleb scores 12, Kevin Sontgerath 10; but it was the Cougar's 20-9 third quarter that made the difference.

Midweek: December 31, 2003

The Rock! Saturday, December 27, 2003

Vashon's prestigious Christmas Holiday wrestling invitational a success again, despite the Pirate's third place finish.

Team scores: Lakeside 186.5, Mt Baker 176.5, Vashon 127, Newport 122.5, Ridgefield 109.5, Hoquiam 88, Elma 79.5, Lakewood 76, Orting 73.5, Quincy 71.

Championship matches: 103#: Cartwright (LS) d Farrington (O) 4-3; 112#: Jones (LS) d Monteith (MB) 17-9; 119#: Bennett (N) d Justus (R) 13-7; 125#: Marshall (MB) d Ramirea (Q) 8-2; 130#: Gillis (LW) p Hargrove (NP) 0:39; 135#: Warren (MB) d Linquist (Q) 11-3; 140#: Perrine (H) d R Shattuck inj def; 145#: Jackson (MB) d Persell (E) 16-2; 152#: Skiles (NP) d Boyle (R) 11-5; 160#: Robert Bennedsen (V) pinned Smith (LS) at 4:43; 171#: Paul Rudisky (V) pinned Brown (LS) 1:50; 189#: Evan Mattingly (V) pinned Bushnell (NP) 3:33; 215#: Brown (MB) p Katzen (H) 3:01; 275#: Shaw (LS) p Miles (R) 0:29.

Other Pirate notes: Ben Staadecker, fifth at 130#; Josh Thorn, fourth at 152#; David Tweitmeyer fourth place; Dominic Wolzcko third place; Micah Sohl and Alex Gateman, fourth places.

Midweek: December 24, 2003

Lady Pirates Basketball at the Port Townsend Holiday Tournament, December 19-20, 2003

Vashon 50, Forks 45 on Friday; Port Townsend 52, Vashon 33 on Saturday

Jennifer "Oh-so-good" Osgood and Brittany "Action" Jackson were selected to the All Tournament Team.

Add in an overnighter at the Port Townsend Rec Center with pizza, games, and stories Friday night; some shopping Saturday morning with Pirate moms and dads before Saturday's game, and it was a pretty fun deal!

December 19-20, 2003: Tri-State Wrestling Tournament at Couer D'Alene ID: Vashon High School, 12th overall; Evan Mattingly, 1st at 189 pounds.

Midweek: December 17, 2003

12/17/03: Pirate Wrestling thumps Orting soundly, 54-18

In what was supposed to be a double-dual wrestling match (Foster cancelled because of a death in their coach's family; our condolences) Vashon easily handled Nisqually League rival Orting, at home, in a match that had too many forfeits to satisy the appetites of the Pirate faithful for some serious wrestling!

Details: 103#: Farrington (O) d Tyler Gateman 5-2; 112#: Alex Gateman (V) by forfeit; 119#: Akins (O) by forfeit; 125#: Lauren Daniels (V) by forfeit; 130#: Ben Staadecker (V) by forfeit; 135#: K Shattuck (O) d Micah Sohl 10-0; 140#: R Shattuck (O) d Eric Phillips 15-0; 145#: Josh Thorn (V) d Keaton Kelly 7-5; 152#: Dominick Wolczko (V) pinned Peters at 5:07; 160#: Adam Laur (V) d Hughes 13-8; 171#: Stefan Wolczko (V) by forfeit; 189#: David Twietmeyer (V) by forfeit; 215#: Evan Mattingly (V) pinned Parkhurst at 3:18; 275#: Wes York (V) by forfeit.

12/16/03: Lady Pirates Basketball loses a thriller in OT, 45-47!

Still tied with :20 left in OT, the Cougars managed to inbounds to an open player who hit the winning two :-(

Pirate scoring (from the Times): Jennifer Osgood 16; Sabrina Pieteriek 11; Halley Pearson 9; Anya Serebryakov 6; Debra Hill 2; Brittany Jackson 1.

12/13/03: Vashon Wrestling finishes second at Connell Tournament!

Connell Invitational -- 1. Warden, 2. Vashon, 3. Connell, 4. Ridgefield;

Details: 103#: Alex Gateman 4th, Tyler Gateman 3rd, 130#: Ben Staadecker 2nd, 135#: Micah Sohl 6th, 145#: Josh Thorn 3rd, 160#: Robert Bennedsen 1st, 171#: Paul Rudisky 2nd, David Twietmeyer 6th, 189#: Evan Mattingly 1st, 275#: Nick Berry 1st.

12/11/03: Pirate Wrestlers defeat Eatonville, away!

In a lopsided match, Vashon pretty much swamps Eatonville 57 to 17.

Details: 103#: Alex Gateman (V) pins McKenzie 1:16; 112#: Ladowski (E) defeats Tyler Gateman 17-13; 119#: Lemon (E) forfeit; 125#: Lauren Daniels (V) pins Parton 5:48; 130#: Ben Staadecker (V) pins Martin 2:54; 135#: Micah Sohl (V) pins Lewis 1:42; 140#: Cool (E) defeats Eric Phillips 15-0; 145#: Josh Thorn (V) defeats Hirska 10-5; 152#: Browe (E) defeats Dominick Wolczko 14-11; 160#: Adam Laur (V) forfeit; 171#: Stefan Wolczko (V) forfeit; 189#: David Twietmeyer (V) pins Rebic 1:28; 215#: Fred Medlicott (V) pins Kimball 3:55; 275#: Wes York (V) forfeit

12/09/03: Lady Pirates Basketball defeats Seattle Christian by two, 43-41!

Pirate Girls' Varsity won a see-saw battle with visiting Seattle Christian, being down at the end of the first quarter 6-13, up at the half 18-15, up at the third 37-30, and surviving a Seattle Christian run up from 43-32 to win 43-41!

Pirate scoring: Sabrina Pieteriek 12 pts, 8 rebs; Brittany Jackson 8 pts, 4 asst; Jennifer Osgood 12 pts, 9 rebs, 5 blks; Debra Hill 4 pts, 6 stls, 6 rebs; Anya Serebryakov 2 pts 5 rebs 7 stls; Halley Pearson 3 pts; Lara Yelken 2 pts.

12/09/03: Pirate Boys Basketball defeated by Seattle Christian, 52-62

13 points by Shane Davis, and 12 points by Clay Gleb weren't enough to pull Boys' Varsity past Seattle Christian, whose two top scorers put up 24 and 17 points each.

Vashon's next three scorers were Bryan Amstrup, 7; J.T. Bender 6; and Michael Burke 4 points. Seattle Christian's next three were at 9, 7 and 3 points, so our top five was simply outscored by 18 points...

End-of-week: December 04, 2003

12/04/03: Pirate Boys Basketball sweeps Kings West, at home!

Well. I'm impressed. Very impressed. Varsity wins convincingly over Kings West 63-53! Junior Varsity wins, even more convincingly, 49-28!

Pirate Seniors Brandon Thomas and Chris Amstrup had promised "..a lot of fun, a quick game, with fast breaks.." and the Pirate Varsity delivered in spades. Fast breaks, sharp passing, steals, full court presses and traps, a very up-tempo game that also featured precision and control when the situation demanded. It's one thing to play fast and hard, but it has to be done under control, the Pirates had the necessary control Thursday night in an impressive home opener against Kings West.

My notes, by quarter: Kings West calls a time out with 4:00 left in the first quarter, with Vashon up 13-12. The first quarter ends 17-12, Vashon ahead. Vashon calls a time out with 5:20 left in the second at 28-13 just to reinforce what Coach Sears wants to have happening on the floor. At the half Vashon is up 39-28.

Kings West comes out strongly to start the second half and climbs back in, forcing a Vashon time out with 3:47 left in the third quarter at 39-38. The Pirates keep Kings West at bay to end the third period ahead at 44-40. The fourth quarter sees both teams defending each other well, but Kings West calls a time out at 6:13 in the fourth with Vashon up 45-40, and from that point on the Pirates pull away slowly but convincingly. Kings West calls its final time out with :56 left in the game and Vashon well in control at 61-51; the game ends with a Pirate win at 63-53.

Individual scoring (points are off the score book and should add up; blocks and rebounds are mine, and are unofficial): JT Bender, 13 points including 3 fourth-quarter 3's, 2 rebounds; Clay Gleb, 10 points, 7 rebounds; Chad Tillman, 9 points, 5 rebounds; Brandon Thomas, 7 points, 1 block, several steals; Shane Davis, 7 points; Kevin Sontgerath, 6 points, 1 rebound; Michael Burke, 4 points; Bryan Amstrup, 4 points, 1 block, 1 rebound; Quintin Barnes, 3 points.

Junior Varsity also played very well, and won a commanding victory.

My notes, by quarter: Q1 ends, Vashon just up 8-6; at the half Vashon is up 18-14; with 4:44 left in the third Kings West calls a time out, Vashon well up 29-16; the third quarter ends 38-19 with the Pirates in a commanding lead; final score: 49-28.

Individual scoring (points off the score book, rebounds and blocks are mine and are unofficial): Corey Holert 24 points, 6 rebounds, 1 block; Zac Andrus, 8 points; Taylor Butz, 4 points; Ben Clark, 4 points, 4 rebounds; Tom Kicinski, 4 points, 3 rebounds, 1 block; Lester Gannaw, 3 points, 2 rebounds; #32, 2 points (sorry! I don't know everyone by sight, yet, I'll do better :-)

Updated Dec 04 2003

End-of-week: December 04, 2003

I understand that Varsity girls basketball lost to Charles Wright, Thursday, December 4, and that the Junior Varsity girls won. No scores; just word-of-mouth at the boy's game that same night...

Updated Dec 02 2003

Mid-week: December 02, 2003

Pirate Girls Basketball splits with Life Christian Academy!

Varsity wins 48-47 in a fourth quarter thriller; Junior Varsity barely loses 26-27!

Personally, I was really impressed with how both teams played, particularly this early in the season (like: the first games..)

My very unofficial Varsity stats: Sabrina Pieterick, 9 points, including 2 freethrows in the last minute that tied, and then put the Pirates up by one; Brittany Jackson, 8 pts; Jennifer Osgood, 8 pts, 4 rebounds; Deborah Hill, 8 pts; Jacquelyn Shigley, 7 pts, 1 rebound; Anya Serebyakov, 6 pts; Violet Wilson, 1 rebound. I think that's short 2 points...

Halley Pearson played a lot minutes, and played very well. Also playing: Jenny Bard.

Varsity score by quarters: 11-14 Q1; 24-25 Q2; 33-33 Q4; 48-47 Q4

Junior Varsity played pretty well, but the girls have *really* got to watch the rainbow passes. Big, soft arcing lobs just aren't going to cut it. Cut the turnovers in half, and JV would have won.

I tried to keep JV stats but the numbers didn't match between the program and the jerseys, and I'm not familiar with the girls to know most of them on sight. Junior Varsity scores by quarter: 14-15 at the half; 16-15 Q3; 26-27 Q4 final.

Updated Dec 02 2003

Mid-week: November 26, 2003

Pirate Girls Basketball

Here we go! The Lady Pirates open their season on Saturday, November 29 at the Seattle Christian Jamboree! First home game: Tuesday, December 2 against Life Christian, then away, Thursday, December 4 at Charles Wright!

Home game times: JV at 5:00 pm; Varsity at 7:00 pm, the online schedules say

Pirate Boys Basketball

Like the Lady Pirates, Pirate boys basketball starts the season at the Seattle Christian Jamboree, Saturday, November 29. Then the Pirates travel away to Life Christian, Tuesday December 2, 2003; JV at 5:00 pm; Varsity at 7:00 pm.

First home game: Thursday, December 4, 2003 against King's West!

Pirate Wresting

Pirate wrestling gets started Tuesday, December 2, 2003 at the Beemer Takedown Tournament in Federal Way.

Next up: away at Port Townsend, Thursday, December 4, then at home for Alumini Night and Puyallup, Friday, December 5, 2003!


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Fall 2003 VHS Sports

Featuring the VHS Girls Volleyball homepage, 2003!

Little-known Mr Sage fact: I assistant-coached JV and Freshmen Volleyball at Vashon High School for the 2003 season.
JV ended up 7-6 in the Nisqually League, and 8-7 overall for the season!

Updated Dec 02 2003

Mid-week: November 19, 2003

Pirate Girls Soccer

Pirate Girls soccer went to State at Lakewood, November 11, 2003, and played very strongly, only to lose to 19-0 South Whidbey on a free kick in the closing minutes of the game. Final score: Vashon 2, South Whidbey 3.

Coach Mary Beba noted that the Pirates had about twice as many passes as South Whidbey, and about six shots that passed just over the Falcon's goal crossbar.

South Whidbey went up 1-0 in the fourth minute; Pirate Francesca LaSalle tied the game in the ninth minute with a high free kick that the Falcon goalie just couldn't reach, tying the score at 1-1.

The Falcons went back ahead shortly after, and South Whidbey stayed out front until the closing 10 minutes.

Britany Jackson headed in a Violet Wilson corner kick to tie at 2-2, and Pirate goalie Alyson McLean saved several South Whidbey attacks, only to have the Falcons draw a foul with two minutes left in regulation and score on a free kick.

Pirate Cross Country Awards

Pirate Cross Country held their Awards potluck on Thursday, November 13, 2003.

WIAA Scholar-Athlete team awards: Girls Varsity, 3.77 GPA; Boys Varsity, 3.53 GPA; Boys Junior Varsity 3.28 GPA.

Fifteen Pirates received individual Scholar-Athlete awards for GPA's of 3.5 or better.

Awards chosen by the Pirate harriers themselves: Team Captains: Aaron Calhoun, Samantha Hirman; Most Improved: Dominick Wolzcko and Salina Durston; Most Inspirational: Valerie Bauer and Eric Phillips; Best Teammate: Samantha Hirman, Jackie Pearson.

Coaches' awards: Jay Motoyoshi and Shawnti Rockwell.

Updated Nov 13 2003

Mid-week: November 12, 2003

Pirate Cross Country at State

The 2A State Cross Country meet was held at Pasco, Saturday, November 8, 2003.

Vashon's girls team takes eighth place in State! Individual placings: Valerie Bauer 39th, Samantha Hirman 48th, Salina Dunston 50th, Kristen Kozak 62nd, Shawnti Rockwell 65th, Robin Kallsen 69th, Brittany Larson 74th place!

Pirate boys placings: Aaron Calhoun, across in 7th. Dominick Wolczko was first 2A freshman boy across in 18th place, just beating Cascade's Spencer Bosket by a stride. Eric Phillips, 29th. Aaron Calhoun qualified for the Borderclash V, featuring top high school runners from Oregon and Washington!

Pirate Girls Soccer

Two wins and one loss in the District Playoffs get the Pirate girls soccer team to State!

Loser-out wins over Port Townsend at 5-1 on Tuesday November 4, and over Steilacoom in a shutout 2-0 Saturday November 8, were sandwiched around a 4-0 loss to Eatonville on Thursday Novemeber 6.

Vashon stepped out in front of Port Townsend quickly with goals by Mallory Preston at nine minutes, then a right side shot by Michelle Krell, and then a left side shot by Laurin Daniels to give Vashon a 3-0 lead at the half. Violet Wilson scored twice in less than two minutes in the second to give the Pirates a 5-0 lead; Port Townsend finally scored with five minutes left, but "So What?!"

Eatonville shut out the Pirates on Thursday 4-0 to put the Pirates into another loser-out playoff against Steilacoom. Goals by Alea Harper and Laurin Daniels, and a shutout by keeper Alyson McClean combined to shut out the Sentinels.

The Pirates will play South Whidbey Tuesday, November 11; the winner plays the Orting-Ridgefield winner on the 14th or 15th; State semifinals are November 21 and State Finals are November 22 at Lakewood Stadium.

Pirate Volleyball  :-(

Pirate Varsity volleyball suffered a heartbreaking loss at Districts, Saturday November 8, 2003.

The Pirates needed to win one of two matches they were to play to advance to State at Yakima on Saturday, November 15. After winning the first two games in each match they played at Foster high school, the Pirates saw the season fade away when they lost the last three games both times. Of the six games lost, three were lost by two points and one other was lost by three points.

Game scores:

Port Townsend defeats Vashon 2-3: 18-25, 12-25, 25-23, 26-24, 15-12

Orting defeats Vashon 2-3: 22-25, 17-25, 25-14, 25-18, 17-15

Advancing to State: Steilacoom, Port Townsend, Orting

2003 Pirate Football records, awards

Despite losing the season's final game away at Orting 32-14, the Pirates finished the Nisqually League regular season with a record of 4-6, the best in several years.

Records of note: Robert Bennedsen added 218 yards to finish with a school record of 2,020 yards rushing! Robert also scored two touchdowns against the Cardinals.

The Football Coaches Award and a $500 scholarship goes to Nick Berry for highest GPA. The Bill Burby Award, presented only some years to a specially-deserving athlete, went to Manu Samanna-Spagnoli. The Dave Mace 110% Award went to Camden Leed.

Other awards: Service Team Player of the Year: Ben Staadecker; Most Improved: Greg Pendergast; Outstanding Lineman: Nick Berry; Team Captain: Evan Mattingly; Defensive Player of the Year: Manu Samanna-Spagnoli; Bud Snaza Offensive Player of the Year: Robert Bennedsen.

Evan and Manu shared the Inspirational Award.

Head Coach Orson Christiansen will be retiring after this season, after 43 years of coaching and teaching. Orson's last three years were here at Vashon, and he will be greatly missed by all!

2003 Pirate Cheer awards

Pirate Cheer coach Karen Bean presented the following at the combined Cheer-Football Awards Banquet, Sunday, November 9, 2003!

Most Inspirational: Kelsey Harrington; Most Improved: Betsey Winter; Most Spirited: Brittany Beck; Team Captain: Emma Bean; Golden Poms: Amy McIntyre; the Erin Kelley Coaches Award: Tara Arnold!

Updated Nov 12 2003

Mid-week: November 5, 2003

Pirate Boys Tennis

With a split season between boys and girls tennis, Pirate boys tennis finished its qualifying for the District 1/3/4 Tournament in May 2004 by taking first, second, and fourth doubles berths, and second and fifth singles!

Colin Loveness and Quintin Barnes took first doubles; Michael Serko and Robbie Johnson, second doubles; Chad Tillman and Andy Cvitanich, fourth doubles.

Josh Thorn will go as second singles, and freshman Lejf Hansen came back through the consolation rounds to take fifth singles.

Pirate Cross Country

Both girls and boys cross country runners finished well at Districts, Saturday, November 1, 2003, and advance to State Saturday, November 8!

Leading the Pirate girls to win as District XC champions was Salina Dunston at fifth overall. Valerie Bauer was seventh, and no Vashon girl finished out of the top 20.

Aaron Calhoun repeated as boys District Champion with Dominick Wolckzo right behind in second, and Eric Phillips in eighth. These three boys runners will advance to State at Pasco, with the Pirate girls, Saturday November 8, 2003!

Team Scores: Vashon 50, Klahowya 57, Port Townsend 65.

Pirate Volleyball

Pirate Varsity volleyball finally did what no other Nisqually League team has been able to do this season: beat Steilacoom!

Pirate Varsity won in three, 25-11, 25-9, 25-12

Pirate Varsity Junior won also, 12-25, 25-20, 16-14! The final game saw the Pirate VJ team come from behind at 5-14, with Steilacoom one point away from winning the game and the match to overtake and beat Steilacoom's JV team!

Pirate Girls Soccer

Pirate girls soccer scored two regular season wins, defeating Foster 3-1 on October 27, and Orting 2-0 on October 30!

Scoring at the Foster game: Violet Wilson, 1 goal; Laurin Daniels, 2 goals. Scoring against Orting: Violet Wilson, assist Francesca LaSalle; Britany Jackson, assist Meredith Preston

Pirate JV soccer finished an 8-2 season with a 4-1 win at Orting. Scoring: Carin Beba, 1; Rosie Avolio-Toly, 2; Katlyn Tweitmeyer 1. High scorer for the JV season was Lily Smith with 9 goals!

Pirate Football

The Pirates beat Klahowya 47-27 in a fantastic final home game, as Robert Bennedsen set a new Vashon High School season rushing record at 1,802 yards (with one game left!) and single-game record for touchdowns at 6!

Previous records were by Brandon Chilcoate (1991) at 1,625 total yards; and Mike Shigley (1969) for single game touchdowns.

The Pirates have one away game left, out at Orting 11/07/03!


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Brandon Thomas shoots for two against Orting. The Pirates won, 73-57!


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