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Lyssa Nelson swings away at the first summer 2003 Pirate volleyball camp!


Vashon High School is a 2A school in the Nisqually League of the WIAA's West Central District 3

2A Volleyball at the WIAA!

Good coverage of South Sound prep sports can be found at the Tacoma News-Tribune

And check out the Nisqually League (not all sports..) at The Final Score

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Fall 2003 sports begin Wednesday, August 20, 2003!

(Football only)

All other Fall 2003 sports begin Monday, August 25, 2003!


Spring 2003 Nisqually League honors!

Nisqually League fastpitch softball!

Second team, utility player: Samantha Songhurst, Vashon

Honorable Mention: Joanna Speer, Vashon

Nisqually League baseball!

Sportsmanship Award: Vashon

Honorable Mention: Clay Gleb, Vashon


2003 State 2A Tennis!

Willis Barnes takes second place, 2A Boys!

Alex Childs takes fourth place, 2A Girls!

Boys' Tennis ties for fourth overall with 9 points; Girls' Tennis ties for seventh overall with 7 points!

Aaron Calhoun qualifies for 2003 State track...

...and Bailey Lyons qualifies for 2003 State golf!


2003 State 2A Wrestling!

Evan Mattingly wins 189-pound title while Pirate Wrestling battles to third place at Matt Classic XV - 2003 State 2A wrestling at the Tacoma Dome!

Nick Berry wins a 3-1 overtime decision against Lakeside in the 275-pound final!

Josh Gardner, and Paul Rudisky, State runners-up at their weight brackets.

And check out Vashon Wrestling brought to you by the Blomgren House of Funk!


The Lady Pirates set two VHS career records in basketball!

Kate Ablott sets all-time high for rebounds;
Samantha Songhurst sets all-time high for assists!


Saturday November 9, 2002: Pirate varsity volleyball's season ends with a loss to Steilacoom at Districts

The Pirates lose in three games, in the best-of-three, single-elimination playoffs

8-15, 15-5, 2-15 :-(


Saturday November 2, 2002, Class 2A boys' cross country: Pirate boys qualify for State!

Aaron Calhoun of Vashon won a battle with Greg Van Etten of Steilacoom to win the individual race. Calhoun finished in 16:48, beating Van Etten by four seconds!
Vashon won the team championship; Klahowya, Steilacoom and Foster also qualify for State!

Class 2A girls: Steilacoom's Anna Friedges ran away with the individual championship in 20:25. Klahowya won the girls' team title; Steilacoom and Port Towsend also advanced to State :-(

Tuesday October 15 girls' soccer: Vashon 6 - Port Townsend 1!

A great match, with strong play by the entire team!

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Vashon High School Girls' Volleyball!

Pictures: Pirates versus Chimacum, September 30, 2002!

Finally! Volleyball standings are up at the WIAA!

Saturday November 9, 2002: West Central District III Championship, against Steilacoom, at Eatonville

Pirate varsity volleyball's magical 2002 season came to an end at the West Central District III Championships at Eatonville, Saturday November 9, 2002, finishing just one game away from going to State! Because of the District Championship format, all the Pirates needed to do was to win their first match to advance to State.

After a tie in season standings with Klahowya (7-6) the Pirates (7-6) went into Districts as the number four seed facing number one seed Steilacoom (11-2) in a best-of-three single elimination playoff.

(Second seed Eatonville (10-3), defeated third seed Klahowya easily in two games; Steilacoom defeated Eatonville in three games in the final; both Steilacoom and Eatonville advance to State).

Playing the first match of the day, the Pirates lost to Steilacoom in three games, 8-15, 15-5, 2-15. The Pirates played well in the first game, starting out ahead at 3-2, and then staying close to 6-7, when Steilacoom pulled out to 7-13. The Pirates scored once more before Steilacoom finished off the first game at 8-15.

The Pirates really dominated the second game: jumping out in front to 4-0, then moving out to 9-1, then to 11-3, and then trading sixteen side outs between 11-3 and the final victory at 15-5.

In the third and deciding game the Pirate's mental game collapsed and the girls suddenly became too cautious and too defensive, seeming to worry more about not making mistakes than attacking. Down 0-5, then 1-7, then 2-9, and that was it, 2-15, game and match to Steilacoom.

Was there a crowd favorite at Districts? Yes: by the end of the Pirates' fantastic second game victory, the entire Eatonville team, the entire Klahowya team, and most of the crowd were standing, cheering the Pirates on!

There were a few tears from some of the Pirates at the loss, but the Pirates have accomplished a tremendous amount to be proud of: going from last place in 2001 at 1-12 to 7-6 for the 2002 season, acheiving their team goal of getting to Districts, and then being only one win away from advancing to the State 2A volleyball Championships!

Monday October 28: Pirate varsity volleyball defeats Orting, at Orting!

Varsity: 15-7, 15-4, 15-9!

This completes the second Pirate varsity volleyball home-and-away sweep this season: first Foster, and now Orting!

It's official: Pirate varsity volleyball finishes the regular season with a record of 7-6 in the Nisqually League, for the first winning season in over ten years!

The Pirates went out to Orting, Monday October 28, for the season closer and returned to winning form, easily defeating Orting in three, 15-7, 15-4, 15-9.

Strong individual performances led the way: Lara Smith with a spectacular 13 kills and 2 service aces; Jenny Montgomery, 6 kills; Rosalie Sage, 5 kills, 2 blocks for points; Malinda Owens, 3 kills, 2 blocks for points; Samantha Songhurst, 1 kill, 1 service ace, and at least 28 assists; Jennifer Owens, 1 service ace and dig after dig after fantastic dig; and Joanna Speer with 6 service aces.

The entire team played strong, consistent, smart volleyball. Coach Plypick: "This is the way we can play all the time. The whole team was working together every moment they were on the floor. We came into a match that we had to win, and just took control from the first serve."

The Pirate's amazing turnaround season includes two home-and-away sweeps, of Orting and Foster, and taking the strongest team in the Cascade Division, Steilacoom (11-2), to 5 games in the first meeting between those two teams. The Pirates took all seven winning matches in three games, never once needing to play beyond the minimum number of games necessary to win.

Next up: practice, practice, practice, and on to Districts, probably against Steilacoom, some time around November 7!

Wednesday October 16: Pirate varsity volleyball takes Foster at home, on Senior's Night!

Varsity: 15-1, 15-5, 15-5!

This completes a Pirate varsity volleyball home-and-away sweep over Foster!

A fantastic match, in front of an absolutely fantastic crowd!

During the introductions, the crowd breaks into "Dave!" "Dave!" "Dave!" "Dave!" when Coach Plypick is introduced!

Later, during the match whenever the girls would score a kill, the crowd starts echoing the "We'll take it! You know!" chant that the girls do, first from one end of the stands where the students are sitting, and then again from the middle of the stands, where many of the parents are sitting!

Monday October 14: Pirate varsity volleyball drops an important home match to Eatonville :-(

Varsity: 8-15, 10-15, 13-15

This was an important opportunity to win at home against a moderately strong team that we need to beat - and that we should be able to beat.

Excutive summary: the girls played too conservatively, too cautiously, with too little aggressive drive. We had too many missed serves, too many missed hits, too many balls that we let drop to the floor untouched, and too many soft free hits lobbed over the net into the middle of the opposite floor.

Basically, volleyball is a game of attack: a match can never be won on defense alone, or by playing conservatively.

Overall stats were pretty good, except maybe for blocks, (hmm.. and except for service aces..) and suggest that we should have won:

Team totals: 35 kills, 6 blocks, 4 service aces..

  Jenny Montgomery:  12 kills, 1 service ace
        Lara Smith:  10 kills, 1 ace
      Rosalie Sage:   5 kills, 2 blocks, and 4 serves! (long story..)
  Char Skeffington:   3 kills, 3 blocks
Samantha Songhurst:   2 kills, 1 ace, 25 assists at least :-)
     Malinda Owens:   1 kill,  1 block
      Joanna Speer:   1 kill,  1 ace
    Jennifer Owens:   1 kill

Game one: out 2-1, 3-1, 4-1 on a Char kill; 4-2, 5-2 on a Lara kill; then we trade side-outs and it's 5-3, 5-4, tied at 5-5, uh oh.. 5-6, 5-7, 5-8 Eatonville ace, time out Vashon; 5-9 Eatonville ace, 5-10, we trade side-outs and get to 5-12, time out Vashon; we trade side-outs; 6-13 on a Jenny Montgomery kill, 7-13 Samantha service ace, 8-13 on a Rosalie block; 8-14 on a ball that just drops to the floor... side-out Vashon, Rosalie serves (!); side-out Eatonville as we're under the net, and 8-15, game to Eatonville.

Game two: Eatonville serves, we're down 0-1, side-out Vashon on a Lara kill; 1-1, 2-1 on a Lara tip, 3-1 Eatonville's into the net, 4-1 on a Malinda kill; side-out Eatonville; side-out Vashon, and we're up 5-1, time out Eatonville; then 5-2, 5-3, 5-4, time out Vashon, side-out Vashon; we trade side-outs, 6-4 on a Jenny M kill, side-out Eatonville; 6-5 off our block, uh oh.. 6-6 on an Eatoville ace, 6-7, 6-8 on our missed hit, 6-9 Eatonville ace, 7-9 Jenny M kill, 8-9 Jenny M service ace! then tied 9-9!; 10-9 on a Rosalie kill; side-out Eatonville; then what I thought was a side-out Vashon, but was called back by the referees, in one of the several reversals during this match that was caused by flat-out lousy refereeing..

So we're back on our heels a little: 10-12, 10-13, time out Vashon, 10-14, side-out Vashon on a Rosalie kill, side-out Eatonville, and game at 10-15,

We're down two games to nothing..

Game three: we trade six side-outs; then Vashon is up 1-0 on a Lara ace; trade more side-outs and 1-2, 2-2, 2-3, 3-3, 3-4, 3-5, 3-6, time out Vashon; 3-7 on an Eatonville service ace; side-out Vashon on a Jenny M kill, 4-7; side-out Eatonville, 4-8, 4-9, back-and-forth.. 6-9 on a service ace by Joanna, 7-9 on a Jenny M kill, 8-9 on a strong block by Malinda and Char; to 9-9 on a kill by Joanna, then we're up 10-9!; we trade side-outs, we're up 11-9 on a block by Rosalie and Char; then a side-out Vashon is reversed by the referees into a replay, which we lose, and it's 11-10, then 11-11, then 11-12. Time out Vashon. 11-13, we're into the net; side-out Vashon on a Rosalie kill; side-out Eatonville; side-out Vashon on a Lara kill; we get to 12-13, we trade side-outs, service Vashon on a Lara tip, and Rosalie serves (!), 13-13, time out Eatonville, Rosalie serves (!), side-out Eatonville, then it's 13-14, and game and match at 13-15.

We can definitely play with Eatonville -- we just have to do it. Now if we just get another chance...

Wednesday October 9: Pirate volleyball sweeps Foster, away!

Varsity: 15-7, 15-5, 15-9!

Varsity volleyball is now 5 and 4 in the Nisqually League, with four Nisqually wins in a row!

Junior Varsity: 15-9, 13-15, 15-12!

The second week of October saw the VHS Pirate volleyball team split their two matches with a win and a loss. The most important match was the win, against Foster. The Pirates are now 5 and 4 in Nisqually League play.

The away match at Foster, Wednesday October 16, had all sorts of significance. Foster is a big Nisqually League rival in every sport, and our new varsity coach, Dave Plypick, coached Foster volleyball last year and the year before.

Coach Plypick: "I was nervous going in there, and I know the girls were nervous going in there, too. But we went to Foster's gym and we beat them. It meant a lot to me."

The Pirate varsity started out strong: up 1-0 on an opening kill by Lara Smith, then up 2-1, and 3-1 on Foster miss-hits, and our girls started to hit their stride: 4-1 on a block by Rosalie Sage and Char Skeffington, 5-1 on a service ace by Joanna Speer, 6-1 on a kill by Jenny Montgomery.

Foster came back to 8-4, and 8-5, but then the Island girls stepped out on 3 service aces by Montgomery, another kill by Smith, and a kill by Jennifer Owens and the first game ended 15-7. We all took a deep breath: this could be done.

The second game was almost a repeat of the first: to 3-1 on a Smith kill, 4-1 on a Sage kill, 5-1 on a Sage block; then Foster started to climb back in, getting even at 5-5 and Coach Plypick called a time out.

The girls regained their composure: to 7-5 on a Montgomery kill, 8-5 on a service ace by Smith, 9-5 on another Montgomery kill, and Foster was back on its heels, calling a time out to no avail: Lara Smith served 3 aces and Jenny Montgomery scored the game-winning kill, 15-5.

Match game: we're quickly out to 5-1. Foster scores to make it 5-3 but Malinda Owens shuts that down with a strong side-out kill, and then the Pirates start to pull away. From 5-3 the Pirates scored 1 service ace by Jennifer Owens, 2 service aces and 2 kills by Montgomery, and 2 kills by Smith. Foster contributed 3 points to the Pirates, and scored a few more times for themselves to reach the final score of 15-9.

The Pirates have taken all their winning matches by sweeping their opponents in three games!

Junior Varsity also played well, winning in three: 15-9, 13-15, and 15-12. Coach Wolfe: "Ever since I played basketball at VHS I've loved beating Foster. The JV girls did great."

Pirates lose up at Nooksack, Monday, October 7, 2002

A non-league match: Pirates go down 11-15, 9-15, 6-15

This was an endurance contest to begin with: 1:00pm boat; getting into Seattle at Colman dock about 1:50; getting to Nooksack at -- what? -- 4:10pm? 126 miles, one-way...

And we step out of the bus and hoo-wee! Cows! Talk about "the aroma from Tacoma..."

Nooksack is 3-and-3; goes to Districts often and State from time-to-time; and plays in the strong District 1 North Cascades Conference in 2A volleyball: against Linden Christian, Meridian, Mount Baker...

We hoped this would be a good oportunity to play hard against a very strong team that we'll have to face again in Districts.

The girls came out strong, game 1: an ace by Jenny Montgomery and we're up 1-0; an ace by Joanna Speer and we're up 2-1; two aces by Jen Owens and we're up 4-2; up 6-2; up 8-2; up 9-2!; up 10-4, and suddenly we slip back into that recent pattern: 10-6; 10-7; 10-8; 10-9 on a Nooksack service ace; tied at 10-10 on a strong kill; we get up 11-10, and that was it: 11-11 on a Nooksack ace; 11-12 on a tip; 11-13; 11-14, and game at 11-15.

But then game two: we get up 3-1 on three service aces by Samantha Songhurst; up 4-1, and we hit the wall: 4-2, 4-3, 4-4 on a Nooksack ace, 4-5, 4-6, 4-7, 4-8; we can score a little and it's 5-8, 6-8, 6-9; then we trade points and get to 9-10, but that's it: 9-11, 9-12, 9-13, 9-14, and game at 9-15.

Oh, well..

Game three and the girls really went flat: we get even at 2-2, but then suddenly it's 2-5, then 2-7, then 2-9, and I'm starting to see bad passes, hits high or out, and our girls are standing upright, flatfooted.

And 2-10, but then 3-10, 4-10 on service aces by Joanna Speer; but that's about all we've got: 4-11, 4-13, 5-14 on a Nooksack hit out, 6-14 on a block by Rosalie Sage; but that's it: game quickly at 6-15.

We'll see 'em again, and we can play Nooksack better...

Pirates sweep North Mason at home, Wednesday, October 2, 2002!

This is for real, folks: 4 and 4 in the Nisqually League, 3 wins in a row!

Pirates win in three: 15-10, 15-5, 15-6!

The home game against North Mason, Wednesday October 2, was expected to be tough. North Mason is a small 3A school that we play once in League play, and they have been strong in the past. The Pirates really stepped up to a higher level for this match, winning in three: 15-10, 15-5, 15-6, with the help of a great crowd.

The first game was really the turning point, with the Pirates jumping out to a 13-2 lead, but then letting North Mason come all the way back to a frightening 14-10, before the girls regained their composure and shut North Mason down 15-10 on a side-out kill by Jenny Montgomery and a strong kill for game point by Malinda Owens.

The second game was tied at 3-3 and the Pirates never looked back, giving up a point at 11-4, and another at 12-5 before finishing behind blocks by Rosalie Sage and Char Skeffington, a service ace by Joanna Speer, and a kill by Lara Smith. Final: 15-5.

The third game was under Pirate control: out 7-2, then letting North Mason back in to 9-6, when the Pirates stepped out to a win behind 2 kills and 2 service aces by Jenny Montgomery, and 1 kill each by Samantha Songhurst and Malinda Owens. Final: 15-6.

Coach Plypick: "A great win. We went up against a good team and we beat them in 3. This was a match that took the girls over the top."

All three squads got to play Wednesday: the C squad won its first match, 15-10, 13-15, 15-3. Junior Varsity won a game, but lost its match 15-12, 9-15, 8-15. Coach Wolfe: "C squad won its first match. All the girls are continuing to improve, and we are scoring more points each match."

Pirates sweep Chimacum at home, Monday, September 30, 2002

Woo hoo! 15-6, 15-7, 15-8!

The Pirate volleyball team now has more Nisqually League wins -- three -- than any team back through the 1999 season! And we have some more matches with good opportunities yet to play: 2 matches against Foster, one against Eatonville here, and one against Orting here.

Chimacum is a school the Pirates have occasionally beaten over the years, and the home game Monday, September 30 was a chance to pick up a much-needed win. Game one had the Pirates up 3-1, behind 3-4, and tied at 5-5, but then the girls settled down and shut out Chimacum from that score onward, including a final strong service series by Malinda Owens from 10-6 to 15-6 that included three service aces.

Game two had the Pirates really dominating: out in front from the start, tied at 3-3, and then not loooking back from 7-6 to win 15-7 on two service aces by Jennifer Owens, one ace each by Jenny Montgomery and Joanna Speer, and a block for game point by Rosalie Sage. In game three Chimacum was never closer than 4-3; the Pirates won 15-8.

Coach Plypick: "Overall the girls played pretty good. They need to work on a killer instinct, to put the other team away, not to let the other team hang around."

The second match against Chimacum was actually played by the C squad, which logged its first winning game although losing the match. Scores: 15-10, 9-15, 3-15. Coach Wolfe: "C won its first game, which is great, and JV played real well and won third place at the Sequim JV Tournament last weekend. I'm pleased with the way the girls are improving."

My unofficial stats:

        Lara Smith:  7 kills,  1 ace
     Malinda Owens:  7 kills,  1 block, 3 aces
      Joanna Speer:  6 service aces!
  Jenny Montgomery:  5 kills,  2 aces
      Rosalie Sage:  3 kills,  3 blocks
  Char Skeffington:  3 kills,  1 block
Samantha Songhurst:  3 kills, 25 assists!
         Jen Owens:  1 kill,   2 aces

The Varsity Pirates move up to 263 points scored for, 288 points scored against, for a 91% for/against percentage for the season to date.

Pictures: Pirates versus Chimacum!

Pirates at Port Townsend, Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Woo hoo!

The Pirates were away again Wednesday September 25, at Port Townsend, and suddenly Pirate Varsity volleyball was back, big time. The Pirates won in three, 15-3, 15-5 and 15-6, but the match was not as easy as the final scores suggest, and this was a good thing.

The girls really need to fight through some adversity and take a win, and that's what they had to do, particularly in the second game where it seemed neither team wanted to win: five side-outs before the first score, then nineteen side-outs to reach 7-5, when the Pirates pulled away for good; and in the third game, where the Pirates were down 0-5, allowed Port Townsend only one more point at 3-6, and shut out their opponents from that score onward to win 15-6.

Very unofficial varsity stats:

        Lara Smith: 9 kills, 1 ace 
  Jenny Montgomery: 8 kills, 1 ace 
      Rosalie Sage: 4 kills, 3 blocks 
  Char Skeffington: 3 kills, 2 blocks 
     Malinda Owens: 3 kills, 1 ace
Samantha Songhurst: 1 kill, 11 assists 
      Joanna Speer: 1 ace

Junior Varsity also did well at Port Townsend, winning 6-15, 15-9, 15-2, including an incredible closing service series by Camile Coldeen, who served at least six aces while taking JV from 5-2 to 15-2 in the final game.

Pirates at Sequim, Monday, September 23, 2002


An apparent case of space alien abduction, straight out of the X-Files, seemed to strike the Pirate varsity volleyball team at the away game to Sequim, Monday September 23, 2002.

The team did get off the bus more than 2 hours before the match, but while I was away in the other gym with the C squad, aliens seemed to abduct the entire varsity team and replace them with identical look-alikes who knew how to play vollyeball, but who really didn't want to play, that day anyway.

Scores: Vashon 0 Sequim 15; Vashon 9 Sequim 15; Vashon 5 Sequim 15

Bright spots? Sophomore Lyssa Nelson continues to play very well off the bench, but even Lyssa had a few miscues.

What really happened? Probably the single weakest area for the varsity team is the mental game. The girls have no team history of winning, and very few of the players seem to have that individual drive to will themselves into a game even when things aren't just perfect. They had it Saturday at Highline, but it's not something they have with themselves all the time. No team is going to give them anything, and Varsity needs to learn how to consistently step up and take a match away from their opponents.

The girls have the skills, they just need to work on the head game.

Pirate Varsity at the 1st Annual Highline Varsity Invitational Tournament, Saturday, September 21, 2002


Executive summary: we place third on points, and tie for fourth overall, in the Purple Division!

The girls did an absolutely awesome job!

We played a total of 5 matches, in 12 games, for an overall record of 6 wins, 6 losses.


Bainbridge Island HS:
  12-15, 15-9, 11-5 Bainbridge wins

Peninsula HS:
  13-15, 11-15 Peninsula wins

Lindberg HS:
  15-10, 15-5 Vashon Pirates win!

We advance to the Purple Division Playoffs!

Tyee HS:
 15-6, 15-10 Vashon Pirates win!

Lakeside HS - the semifinal round!
 15-13 Vashon Pirates win!, 14-16, 13-15 so Lakeside takes the match

Lakeside went on to win the Purple Division in the next match by beating Franklin HS, 15-8, 15-8, so we were right there!

Interesting comparison: we scored 42 points total against Lakeside, more than any other team, even the one team (Hazen) that beat Lakeside in pool play, and Hazen only scored 32 points againt Lakeside! Next closest to our point total was Washington HS with 38 points in a loss to Lakeside in pool play.

Vashon Pirates at Highline:
points for: 164!
points against: 144!

Pirates at Eatonville, Thursday, September 19, 2002

This was a match that the girls really needed to win, and they didn't.

They didn't need to win because their season win-loss record needed a victory, that will come later in the season.

The girls needed to win because after playing so very well but losing to powerfull teams like Steilacoom, the girls needed to win one match just to see what it feels like. It wasn't to be.

First game, Vashon 2, Eatonville 15; second game Vashon 13, Eatonville 15; third game, Vashon 4, Eatonville 15.

What happened? The girls need to believe that they are a team, and can win as a team, and they don't have a winning history together. Add some missed covers off of Eatonville blocks, some miscommunications, and not defending well against Eatonville tips. Our serving was pretty good, but has been better: we would expect to see more service aces.

My very unofficial stats:

        Lara Smith: 7 kills
  Jenny Montgomery: 6 kills,  1 ace
      Rosalie Sage: 3 kills,  2 blocks 
     Malinda Owens: 2 blocks, 2 aces 
Samantha Songhurst: 1 kill,   1 block 

Some names we would expect to see here are missing, and everybody's numbers were down.

We'll do better, but next week we've got two more tough matches coming up: away at Sequim and away at Port Townsend.

Pirates versus Steilacoom, Monday, September 16, 2002

Well, make no mistake, Steilacoom knows we're for real!

There's no way, for even one second, that Steilacoom came in here thinking they'd have to play us in five games!

Last year, the most we ever scored against the Sentinels was five points; five points in one game, four points in four games, and two points in the sixth game we played, 2001 season...

Monday we went five games with Steilacoom, winning the first game 15-11, the second game 15-13, and then losing the last three 4-15, 7-15, 5-15 to lose the match.

What happened? Steilacoom is an extremely good team this year: there was almost no pass they couldn't make, their sets were excellent, and the majority of their hits were hard, hard, hard.

We got a little conservative, a little timid, a little too careful. Steilacoom was attacking almost every time they put the ball over the net; we were playing defensively a lot of the time.

Considering how hard Steilacoom was hitting, and that Steilacoom got a good pass on almost everything we put over the net, our girls played another fantastic match against the best team in the Nisqually League, even though we lost.

Very unofficial stats:

    Lara: 6 kills, 1 block, 3 aces
 Malinda: 5 kills, 2 aces
 Jenny M: 4 kills
 Rosalie: 2 kills, 4 blocks
Samantha: 1 kill,  1 block, 1 ace
    Char: 1 block

Pirates at Klahowya, Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Simply the best Pirate volleyball I've seen in four years!

Sure, Varsity finally lost, but they fought all the way to the last point of the last match like I've never seen before.

First game Vashon 7 Klahowya 15, Klahowya up one; second game Vashon 11 Klahowya 15, Klahowya up two; third game Vashon 15 Klahowya 10, it's one to two games; fourth game Vashon 15 Klahowya 12, and we're tied at two games each! Fifth and deciding game, Vashon (erk..) 1, Klahowya 15, and Klahowya wins 3 games to 2.

What happened in the fifth and deciding game? Other than an obnoxiously loud group of Klahowya football players who have very little understanding of sportsmanship, I think it was fatigue, lack of communication a few times, and fatigue. And crowd noise...

But an absolutely fantastic job overall, coming back to tie the match from being two down!

Klahowya knows we are for real. Next time they won't get off so easy.

Very unofficial stats:

 Jenny M: 11 kills! 2 aces
    Lara:  8 kills, 1 block, 1 ace
 Malinda:  4 kills, 5 blocks!
    Char:  3 kills, 1 ace
Samantha:  2 kills, 4 blocks
 Rosalie:  2 kills, 2 blocks

Pirates versus Orting at home, Monday, September 9, 2002

A great match by the Varsity girls, including holding off an Orting charge in the second game, from 7 - 3 to 8 - 8, getting down by 8 - 10, and then holding Orting to one more point as the Pirates scored seven, and came back to win the second game 15 - 11.

Scores: game one Vashon 15 Orting 7; game two Vashon 15 Orting 11; game three Vashon 15 Orting 9.

"Who to watch in girls' volleyball"

From the Tacoma News-Tribune

Not much of relevance to Nisqually League play, except for this:

"Who to watch in girls' volleyball"
Matt Gashck and Todd Milles; The News Tribune
Players to watch:

                Ht      Position        Class   School
Jessica Brodie  5-7     outside hitter  junior  Emerald Ridge
Brittany Cahoon 6-0     middle blocker  senior  Shelton
Amy D'Amato     5-7     outside hitter  senior  Steilacoom

So we'll be seeing Amy, and Steilacoom, twice..

Coach Plypick is very enthusiastic about the Pirate varsity team he's taking over. "I have talent here, more than I had at Foster."

The varsity team will be anchored by a strong core of returning seniors: Samantha Songhurst, Rosalie Sage, Jenny Montgomery, Joanna Speer, and Rachel Weise. Juniors are Lara Smith, and Char Skeffington. A sophomore moving up from JV last year is Lyssa Nelson. New VHS students this year are sisters Jennifer and Malinda Owens. Heather Kuerschner will play swing.

Strong volleyball teams to look out for: Steilacoom, Sequim, North Mason...

First of all, let me extend a warm Vashon welcome to new Pirate varsity volleyball coach Dave Plypick, formerly of Foster High School!

And, a warm welcome to new JV volleyball coach, Rochelle Wolfe, as well! (I believe that Rochelle is Sharon Munger's daughter (if that doesn't mean anything to you, well, I've lived here longer than you have..) and Rochelle is a VHS graduate!)

I sat in on about six hours of practices before the season started, and I am very impressed with Coach Dave's positive attitude, his exuberant style, his technical knowledge, and his goals for the Pirates, which are nothing less than: "Districts, absolutely; State, why not?"

And I think this team can do it!

First Practice: August 26, 2002; the Pirate's season ends in November at State!
Minimum practices: 10 per individual
Season contest limit + 16 + Jamboree
Individual contest limit + 20
Participating schools: Chimamcum, Eatonville, Foster, Steilacoom, 
Port Townsend, Sequim, Klahowya, Orting, North Mason, Vashon

Fall 2002

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Vashon High School Girls' Soccer!

Next up: Vashon away at Eatonville, Thursday, October 17, 2002!

Tuesday October 15 girls' soccer: Vashon 6 - Port Townsend 1!

I took about 120 pictures at the Port Townsend match; I'll get them in to Flash Photo on CD-ROM if ya want to go look; Phil can make excellent prints!

Pictures from the 10/06/02 home Klahowya match; they're up at Flash Photo on CD-ROM if ya want to go look; Phil can make excellent prints!

I don't have pictures of everybody, but I'll work on that...

Pirates away at Orting, September 12, 2002!

Pirates soccer started out the Nisqually League season with a Varsity win at Orting, 5-1, and a Junior Varsity win as well, 6-2.

Femke Oldham scored two goals in the first half, and Violet Wilson scored one in the first for a Pirate lead 3-0 at the half. Alyson McLean stopped all Cardinal shots on goal in the first half.

In the second half, Brittany Jackson registered an assist on a pass to Femke Oldham for the Pirate's fourth goal; and Lindsey Bruce scored an assist as Oldham scored the fifth to make the final score Pirates 5, Orting 1.

Orting's only score came in the second half as the ball squirted across the goal to the weakside where a waiting Orting player kicked it in.

Girls' Soccer starts out at Orting on Thursday September 12, 2002!

New Pirate varsity soccer coach Mary Beba has moved up from JV last year and thinks the team looks fantastic! 34 girls have turned out, including 13 freshmen. In goal this year will be junior Alyson McLean.

First Practice: August 26, 2002; Season ends November 15, 2002
Minimum practices: 10 per individual
Season contest limit + 16 + Jamboree
Individual contest limit + 20
Participating schools: Chimamcum, Eatonville, Foster, Orting,
Port Townsend, Klahowya, North Mason, Sequim, Steilacoom, Vashon

Fall 2002

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Vashon High School Boys' Tennis!

Next up: Pirates away at Eatonville, Monday October 01, 2002!

Pirates away at Steilacoom, September 10; away at Klahowya, September 12, 2002!

Pirate boys' tennis started out the Nisqually League season with two wins, 4-1 versus Steilacoom, and 4-1 versus Klahowya.

Last year's State 2A runner-up, senior Willis Barnes, took first singles at both matches; junior Josh Thorn took both second singles matches.

Willis' brother, Quintin Barnes took third singles at Steilacoom and teamed with Collin Loveness to win first doubles at Klahowya.

Second doubles teammates Tyler Williams and Ben Staadecker won at both matches, playing through two tie-breakers at Steilacoom, and through one tie-breaker at Klahowya.

The Vashon Tennis Commision starts out away at Steilacoom, Tuesday, 09/10/02!

Boys' tennis coach Erik Ivaska is optimistic about the Pirate boys' tennis team outlook. 12 freshmen make up the majority of the team, but he has returning senior Willis Barnes, State medalist last year, fellow senior Paul Cvitanich, and junior Josh Thorn.

Strong teams this year should be defending champion Sequim, which graduated only one player from last year, and Steilacoom, which graduated several players.

First Practice: August 26, 2002;
Minimum practices: 10 per individual
Season contest limit + 16 + Jamboree
Individual contest limit + 20
Participating schools: Chimamcum, Eatonville, Foster, Steilacoom, 
Sequim, North Mason, Klahowya, Vashon

Fall 2002

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Vashon High School Cross Country!

Saturday November 2, Class 2A boys' cross country: Pirate boys qualify for State!

Aaron Calhoun of Vashon won a battle with Greg Van Etten of Steilacoom to win the individual race. Calhoun finished in 16:48, beating Van Etten by four seconds!
Vashon won the team championship; Klahowya, Steilacoom and Foster also qualify for State!

2A boys - Calhoun said his "5 1/2-foot stride" was a big factor in beating Nisqually League rival Greg VanEtten of Steilacoom for the first time in his career. The Vashon junior pulled away in the final 200 meters in what was a cat-and- mouse affair for the leading pair.

"In a couple instances, he slowed down so I could take the lead," Calhoun said. "I've never thought too highly about my kick (at the end)."

Calhoun's time was 16:48.3, and the Pirates edged Nisqually regular-season champion Klahowya for the team championship, 48 to 61.

Class 2A girls: Steilacoom's Anna Friedges ran away with the individual championship in 20:25. Klahowya won the girls' team title; Steilacoom and Port Towsend also advanced to State :-(

Lots of good CC stuff happened here. I'll try to get caught up..

Foster at the Vashon Invitational, Saturday, September 14, 2002!

A Nisqually League meet took place at the Vashon Invitational, when Foster boys won 27-29. Foster didn't field a girls team.

Foster's Aaron Jones reset the new Paradise Ridge course record to 17:59, taking first place. The Pirate's Aaron Calhoun was second, and Pirate Eric Philips was third.

On the girls' side, Samantha Hirman reset her own course record to 23:48 while finishing first; Kristen Kozak came in second.

Pirate coach Kevin Ross took first in the Invitational, covering the new course in 18:05.

Port Townsend at Vashon, September 10, 2002!

Pirate Cross Country opened the 2002 season with a win over Port Townsend that featured first place finishes by Pirate veterans, and very promising second place showings by Pirate newcomers running their first high school races.

Veterans: Jordan Laughlin won boys, setting a new Paradise Ridge boy's record of 18:44 (the course has been revised, so the first race was guaranteed to generate a course record); Samantha Hirman was first across for the girls in a new girl's course record of 24:13.

Pirate boys finishing: Jordan Laughlin, first; Eric Philips, second; Aaron Calhoun, third; Jackie Pearson, fourth; Jay Motoyoshi, ninth.

Port Townsend didn't have a qualifying girls team. Pirate girl finishers: Samantha Hirman, first; Robin Kalsen, second; Kristen Kozak, third; Susan Meier, sixth; Shaylon Stolk, seventh.

Cross Country starts out Tuesday, 09/10/02, with Eatonville and Port Townsend here at Vashon

CC coach Russ Brazil feels the cross country team will be pretty strong this year. For the boys: junior Aaron Calhoun ran at State last year; he will be joined by seniors Jordan Laughlin and Andre Pinter, and junior Jay Motoyoshi.

Girls' CC runners include three juniors: Kristen Kozak, who was an alternate to State last year, Samantha Hirman, and Susan Meier; also hopefully Shaylon Stolk and Robin Kalsen will be running to make up the full girls' team of five.

Vashon's home course is a new, improved one out at Paradise Ridge Park on SW 220th street.

First Practice: August 20, 2002; Season ends November 09, 2002
Minimum practices: 10 per individual
Season contest limit + 16 + Jamboree
Individual contest limit + 20
Participating schools: Chimamcum, Eatonville, Foster, Sequim, 
North Mason, Port Townsend, Orting, Klahowya, Steilacoom, Vashon,

Pirate Football, Fall 2002

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Vashon High School Football!

Next up: Pirates away at Chimacum, Friday, October 18, 2002

Clay Leonard receives a block just yards out from scoring a Pirate touchdown against North Mason!

Friday October 11 football: Port Townsend 48 - Vashon 30

Clay Leonard passes for 316 yards and 3 TD's, but it wasn't enough...

The Sunday 10/13/02 Seattle Times: "Top performances from last weekend's high school football games from around the state".

5. Clay Leonard, Vashon, 316 yards, 19-39, 3 TD's

5. Evan Mattingly, Vashon, 125 yards, 5 receptions, 3 TD's


              League  Overall
                W-L     W-L
Orting          5-0     5-0
Steilacoom      5-0     5-0
Eatonville      4-1     4-1
Klahowya        3-2     3-2
Foster          3-2     3-2
North Mason     2-3     2-3
Chimacum        1-4     1-4
Vashon Island   1-4     1-4
Port Townsend   1-4     1-4
Sequim          0-5     0-5

At Orting 34, Chimacum 20 - Corey Rexrode carried the ball 16 times 
for 156 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Cardinals (5-0) 
to a victory over the Cowboys (1-4).

Orting increased its Nisqually League winning streak to 32 consecutive 
regular- season games.

Chimacum stayed in the game in the first half on the strength of 
1-yard touchdown runs from Jesse Minnish and Marcus Moug, but 
the Cardinals' 14- point third quarter put the game away.

The Cardinals finished with seven sacks, inluding four by Jono Parkhurst.

At Eatonville 28, North Mason 24 - Special teams difficulties 
cost the NM Bulldogs (2-3), as two missed PATs, a pair of missed 
two-point conversions and a blocked punt were the difference in the game.

Devin O'Rourke led the Cruisers (4-1), carrying the ball 27 times 
for 124 yards and two touchdowns, and Steve Hooper completed 11-of-24 
passes for 124 yards.

O'Rourke also scored a 15-yard touchdown after scooping up a punt 
Jay Iverson blocked in the second quarter.

At Foster 38, Sequim 14 - The Bulldogs (3-2) amassed 407 yards offense 
in a Nisqually League drubbing of the Wolves (0-5) in Tukwila.

Justice Maidesil rushed for 147 yards and a touchdown.
Teammate Keegan Weaver added 90 yards.

At Port Townsend 48, Vashon 30 - Clay Leonard passed for 316 yards 
and 3 TDs, but it wasn't enough to lift the Pirates (1-4) over the 
Redskins (1-4).

Keith Johnson led the Redskins' 450-yard attack, carrying the ball 
eight times for 154 yards - 19.25 yards per carry - and a pair of touchdowns.

2A Football results at Sunday, 10/06/02

1. CHEWELAH (4-0)
Friday: beat Newport, 21-13
Next: Friday at Deer Park

2. ELMA (3-1)
Friday: beat Rochester, 34-6
Next: Friday vs. Tenino

3. ORTING (4-0)
Friday: beat Foster, 47-30
Next: Friday vs. Chimacum

4. MERIDIAN (4-0)
Friday: beat Sultan, 51-0
Next: Friday at Granite Falls

Friday: lost to No. 7 Steilacoom, 48-20
Next: Friday vs. North Mason

Friday: beat Blaine, 54-0
Next: Friday at South Whidbey

Friday: beat No. 5 Eatonville, 48-20
Next: Friday at Klahowya

Friday: beat So. Whidbey, 31-9
Next: Friday at Lakewood

9. CASHMERE (4-0)
Friday: beat Quincy, 41-14
Next: Friday at Ephrata

10. LAKESIDE of NMF (3-1)
Friday: beat Pullman, 29-15
Next: Friday at Newport

Nisqually results at Sunday, 09/29/02

 Steilacoom 38,        Sequim  0
     Foster 38,      Chimacum 28
     Orting 31,      Klahowya 21
 Eatonville 35, Port Townsend 29
North Mason 42,        Vashon 20

T-N-T: Tracking the Top Ten's at 09/28/02

2A schools:
 1. CHEWELAH (3-0)
 2. ELMA (2-1)
 3. ORTING (3-0)
    Friday: beat Klahowya, 31-21
    Next: Friday vs. Foster
 6. EATONVILLE (3-0)
    Friday: beat Pt. Townsend
    Next: Friday at Steilacoom
 8. STEILACOOM (3-0)
    Friday: beat Sequim, 38-0
    Next: Friday vs. Eatonville
 9. OTHELLO (1-2)
10. LAKESIDE of NMF (2-1)

T-N-T: Notes for Friday September 27, 2002

Orting's defense tightened up in the second half against 
Klahowya running back Rory Lee. After a strong first half, 
Lee only gained 39 yards in the second half...

North Mason's Mark Keehn scored TDs on a 55-yard pass, 
a 52-yard punt return and a 5-yard run in a 42-20 victory
over Vashon...

Along with a career-high 219 yards rushing, Eatonville's 
Devin O'Rourke had eight tackles and a fumble recovery on defense...

Pirates versus North Mason, here, Friday September 27, 2002

North Mason 42, Vashon 20

Clay Leonard receives a block just yards out from scoring a Pirate touchdown against North Mason!

Results: at Sunday, September 22, 2002

Friday 09/20/02: beat Sequim, 48-8

ORTING (2-0)
Friday 09/20/02: beat Port Townsend, 28-18

Friday 09/20/02: beat Chimacum, 55-30

FOSTER (1-1)
Friday 09/20/02: beat Vashon, 42-21

Friday 09/20/02: Don't know...

Friday 09/20/02: Don't know...

VASHON (0-2)
Friday 09/20/02: lost to Foster :-(

SEQUIM (0-2)
Friday 09/20/02: lost to Eatonville

Friday 09/20/02: lost to Klahowya

Friday 09/20/02: lost to Orting

Pirates away at Foster, Friday, September 20, 2002

Well, I know we lost 'cause Rosalie and a bunch of her buddies went, but she didn't remember the score...

Apparent high point of the evening:

"Who let the Pirates out? Har, Har-Har, Har, Har!"

T-N-T: At Foster 41, Vashon 21 - Justice Maidesil rushed for 346 yards 
and four touchdowns on 25 carries to lead the Bulldogs to a Nisqually League 
victory over the Pirates.

Maidesil scored on runs of 72, 57, 46 and 37 yards. He fell four yards 
short of tying the school record of 350 yards set by Terrance Brooks in 1994.

Clay Leonard led the Pirates with 101 yards passing and 76 yards rushing. 
He ran for a touchdown and passed for another score as Vashon led early, 14-7.

Results: at Sunday, September 15, 2002

Friday 09/13/02: beat Vashon, 42-14

ORTING (1-0)
Friday 09/13/02: beat Sequim, 34-14

Friday 09/13/02: beat Chimacum, 38-6

Friday 09/13/02: beat Foster, 23-13

Friday 09/13/02: beat Port Townsend, 29-0

VASHON (0-1)

SEQUIM (0-1)


FOSTER (0-1)


Pirates away at Eatonville, Friday, Septmeber 13, 2002

Our first Nisqually league game, against a powerhouse team. T-N-T has the Cruisers fininshing third...

Eatonville 42, Vashon 14


Todd Milles; The News Tribune
The News Tribune's high school rankings
(Based upon 2001 won-lost records)

 1. Elma             12-1
 2. Lynden Christian 12-1
 3. Chewelah          9-1
 4. Othello          10-2
 5. Orting           10-1
 6. Nooksack Valley   8-2
 7. Connell          11-2
 8. Eatonville        5-4
 9. Meridian          7-3
10. Steilacoom       5-4

09/07/02: The Pirates start out the 2002 season at a Jamboree at Curtis High School

Football coach Orson Christensen's opinion is that Pirate football will have a strong showing of really good young players, with a too-small nucleus of experienced older players. Depth at important positions will be an issue.

Pirate football players of note: senior Clay Leonard, of course; exchange students Max Wendt from Germany, and Mariano Juarez from Argentina. Freshman Janelle Britz, the only girl on the Pirates football team, hopes to play on the line!

I know! Let's steal some content from the Tacoma News-Tribune!

Grr.. They've got the Pirates ninth out of ten...

NISQUALLY LEAGUE / SCOUTING REPORT (in predicted order of finish)

Todd Milles; The News Tribune

Coach - Marty Parkhurst (9th year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Parkhurst (spread). Defense: Chad Nasinec (3-4).

Top players - QB/DB Chase Reed, 5-9, 165, sr.; OL Nate Baskett, 5-8,
255, jr.; OL Aaron McAfee, 6-4, 275, sr.; WR/RB Corey Rexrode, 5-7,
160, sr.; DB Sean McIlraith, 5-10, 175, sr.; LB Dustin Kinzler, 5-9,
180, jr.; WR Derek Saunders, 5-9, 170, sr.

Story line - Parkhurst knows its hard to stay on top, but he will have
the Nisqually's elite all-around player in Reed, who makes plays all
over the field. Reed should have three primary targets in Saunders (18
catches, 414 yards, four touchdowns), Rexrode (20 catches, 241 yards,
six total TDs) and McIlraith (four TDs). They make up the league's top

Schedule - Sept. 13 vs. Sequim; Sept. 20 at Port Townsend; Sept. 27 at
Klahowya; Oct. 4 vs. Foster; Oct. 11 vs. Chimacum; Oct. 18 at
Steilacoom; Oct. 25 at North Mason; Nov. 1 vs. Eatonville; Nov. 8 at
Vashon .

Coach - Eric Miller (2nd year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Miller (Wing-T). Defense: Ben Keith (4-4).

Top players - FB/LB Matt Anderson, 5-10, 220, sr; DE/TE Kyle Jones,
5-11, 224, sr.; RB/DB Danny Wilm, 6-0, 180, jr.; QB/CB Kyle Haller,
5-10, 175, sr.; OL/DL Cody Balogh, 6-6, 310, sr.; OL/LB Robert Saner,
6-0, 215, sr.

Story line - The Sentinels have a great chance of moving into the
state playoffs for the first time since 1995. Wilm is a gazelle in
pads. He's the offense's biggest threat. Miller's biggest task was an
almost complete overhaul of the defense, which has eight new starters.

Schedule - Sept. 13 at Chimacum; Sept. 20 vs. North Mason; Sept. 27 at
Sequim; Oct. 4 vs. Eatonville; Oct. 11 at Klahowya; Oct. 18
vs. Orting; Oct. 25 at Vashon; Nov. 1 vs. Foster; Nov. 8 vs. Port

Coach - George Fairhart (10th year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Fairhart (spread). Defense: Fairhart (4-4).

Top players - OL/DL Russell Reece, 6-3, 235, sr.; OL/LB Jon Culletin,
6-2, 220, sr.; WR David Hamilton, 5-10, 160, jr.; QB Jordan Osborn,
6-1, 165, jr.; QB Kyle Mettler, 5-10, 160, sr.; RB Devin O'Rourke,
5-9, 175, jr.

Story line - Fairhart is undecided about who will start between two
quality passers with little varsity experience, but said he has
confidence in his junior- dominated offense to score. Reece is the
Nisqually's best defensive lineman.

Schedule - Sept. 13 vs. Vashon; Sept. 20 at Sequim; Sept. 27 vs. Port
Townsend; Oct. 4 at Steilacoom; Oct. 11 vs. North Mason; Oct. 18 at
Foster; Oct. 25 vs. Klahowya; Nov. 1 at Orting; Nov. 8 at Chimacum.

Coach - Brad Hamblet (4th year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Hamblet (multiple Wing-T). Defense: Hamblet (4- 4).

Top players - OL/DL Kyle Whitehead, 5-1, 225, sr.; OL/LB Dusty
Rassmussen, 6-3, 230; RB/LB Rory Lee, 5-11, 190, sr.; RB Shawn
Squires, 5- 8, 180, jr.; QB Jared Ottman, 6-1, 170, sr.; DL Daniel
Josephson, 6-2, 190, sr.

Story line - With nine starters returning, and Lee (982 yards in 2001)
running the ball full-time, the Eagles will try to reproduce the push
they made two years ago for the league title.

Schedule - Sept. 13 at Foster; Sept. 20 vs. Chimacum; Sept. 27
vs. Orting; Oct. 4 at Port Townsend; Oct. 11 vs. Steilacoom; Oct. 18
vs. North Mason; Oct. 25 at Eatonville; Nov. 1 vs. Vashon; Nov. 8 at

Coach - Mike Shannon (22nd year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Jack Orewiler (one-back). Defense: Clint Rankin (4-3).

Top players - LB/OL Patrick Buckmaster, 6-0, 215, sr.; OL/DL Riley
Haggard, 5-7, 215, sr.; WR James Foster, 6-1, 185, sr.; QB David
Miller, 6-4, 205, jr.; RB/LB Justice Maidesil, 5-6, 190, jr.; WR/DB
Monte Watts, 5-11, 185, jr.

Story line - How do you replace a quarterback (A.J. Geiss) who threw
for 11,000 yards in his career? Easy. Shannon will unveil Miller, a
big passer with no varsity experience. But he has help with a good
receiving corps, and a junior-dominated offensive line with
experience. Buckmaster could be league's defensive MVP.

Schedule - Sept. 13 vs. Klahowya; Sept. 20 vs. Vashon; Sept. 27 at
Chimacum; Oct. 4 at Orting; Oct. 11 vs. Sequim; Oct. 18
vs. Eatonville; Oct. 25 at Port Townsend; Nov. 1 at Steilacoom; Nov. 8
vs. North Mason.

Coach - James Fleisher (1st year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Roex Fountain (pro set). Defense: Fleisher (multiple).

Top players - RB Keith Johnson, 5-9, 160, so.; RB Ricky Mitchell,
5-10, 180, sr.; QB Shane Sather, 6-1, 170, sr.; OL Jens Gruber, 6-0,
240, sr.; LB Ryan Snyer, 5-10, 170, jr.; LB Miah Fountain, 5-10 195,

Story line - The Redskins advanced to the state quarterfinals on the
strength of departed seniors, including Nisqually co-defensive MVP
Mike Morris and TB Craig Stahl. Johnson, the last of a long line of
brothers, is an exciting player. This a young team with only five
seniors starting.

Schedule - Sept. 13 at North Mason; Sept. 20 vs. Orting; Sept. 27 at
Eatonville; Oct. 4 vs. Klahowya; Oct. 11 vs. Vashon; Oct. 18 at
Sequim; Oct. 25 vs. Foster; Nov. 1 vs. Chimacum; Nov. 8 at Steilacoom.

Coach - Bill Anderson (3rd year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Anderson (I-formation). Defense: Eric Wiker ("50").

Top players - OL Judd Magwire, 6-3, 262, sr.; WR/DB Brady Maurndy,
6-3, 175, jr.; WR Jake Tjernal, 6-1, 185, sr.; RB Nathan Chavez, 5-9,
180, so.

Story line - The Wolves closed fast in 2001 with four victories for
their first winning season in a decade, but lost 15 seniors. Sequim
will be young at the skill positions.

Schedule - Sept. 13 at Orting; Sept. 20 vs. Eatonville; Sept. 27
vs. Steilacoom; Oct. 4 at Vashon; Oct. 11 at Foster; Oct. 18 vs. Port
Townsend; Oct. 25 vs. Chimacum; Nov. 1 at North Mason; Nov. 8
vs. Klahowya.

Coach - Don Turner (1st year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Turner (Pro-I set). Defense: Jeff Bevers (4-3).

Top players - OL/DL Scott Gripp, 6-2, 290, sr; TE/QB Steve Hupper,
6-3, 230, sr.; QB/DB Mark Keehn, 6-0, 185, sr.; WR Ryan Hovre, 6-4,
190, sr.; OL Alex Georgradis, 5-10, 180, jr.

Story line - Challenged for state playoffs in first year from 3A
ranks, and the Bulldogs have talented tailbacks in DeSean Brooks and
Ernie Williams. Gripp levels people as a blocker. Turner is in his
41st year in coaching.

Schedule - Sept. 13 vs. Port Townsend; Sept. 20 at Steilacoom;
Sept. 27 at Vashon; Oct. 4 vs. Chimacum; Oct. 11 at Eatonville;
Oct. 18 at Klahowya; Oct. 25 vs. Orting; Nov. 1 vs. Sequim; Nov. 8 at

Coach - Orson Christensen (2nd year).
Coordinators (sets) - Offense: Christensen (multiple pro). Defense: Rick Sassara (3-4)

Top players - QB Clay Leonard, 6-0, 180, sr; WR/DB Sam Wojcik, 6-0,
170, sr.; RB/CB Nick Seaman, 5-10, 180, sr.; OL/DL Logan Anderson,
6-0, 250, jr.; FB/DL Robert Bennedsen, 5-7, 180, jr.; TE/LB Evan
Mattingly, 6-1, 200, jr.

Story line - Leonard is heady playmaker who can pass and run. His
involvement in the passing game should increase. The weakness for the
Pirates is depth, which could plague them again.

Schedule - Sept. 13 at Eatonville; Sept. 20 at Foster; Sept. 27
vs. North Mason; Oct. 4 vs. Sequim; Oct. 11 at Port Townsend; Oct. 18
at Chimacum; Oct. 25 vs. Steilacoom; Nov. 1 at Klahowya; Nov. 8
vs. Orting.

Coach - Brian Anderson (1st year).

Top player - QB Marcus Moug, 6-3, 220, sr.;

Story line - Moug is the biggest guy on the team, built like a
defensive lineman and can throw a ball 50 yards. If he goes down, the
Cowboys are in trouble.

Schedule - Sept. 13 vs. Steilacoom; Sept. 20 at Klahowya; Sept. 27
vs. Foster; Oct. 4 at North Mason; Oct. 11 at Orting; Oct. 18
vs. Vashon; Oct. 25 at Sequim; Nov. 1 at Port Townsend; Nov. 8
vs. Eatonville.

Todd Milles

First Practice: August 20, 2002; Season ends December 01, 2002
Minimum practices: 14 per individual
Season contest limit + 10 + Jamboree
Individual contest limit + 10
Participating schools: Chimamcum, Eatonville, Foster, Steilacoom, North Mason, 
Sequim, Klahowya, Orting, Port Townsend, Vashon

The 2003-2004 season!

The 2001-2002 season!

The 2000-2001 season!

The 1999-2000 season!

The 1998-1999 season!

Jenny Montgomery swings into one of her two service aces against Chimacum, Monday September 30, 2002!
Pirates win 15-6, 15-7, 15-8!


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