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First, a big welcome to new Vashon High School Vice Principal and Athletic Director, Greg Allison! Greg is from the Holland, MI School District where he taught history, was Assistant AD, and varsity baseball coach. Greg is stepping into some pretty big shoes, those vacated by Doug Kloke, who has moved on to become Athletic Director at Cascade High School, a Wesco League 4A school up in Everett.

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  Pirate Sports Spring 2001!  

Man! I did a *really* lousy job of keeping up with Spring sports - which is to say, I didn't :-(

Spring 2001

Vashon High School Girls' Tennis!

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Spring 2001

Vashon High School Fastpitch Softball!

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Spring 2001

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Spring 2001

Vashon High School Boys' Soccer!

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Pirate Sports Winter 2000-2001!

Winter 2000-2001

Winter 2000-2001 Schedule

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At Sunday 02/18/01:

Wrestling Finals at State!

Mikhail Abdul-Latif State 2A
Wrestling Champion at 189#

Winter 2000-2001

Vashon High School Girls' Basketball!

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Pirate Girls' Basketball pictures!

Some pictures, finally...

The Pirate girls played against Granite Falls for a playoff berth and came up short despite having several Pirate players finish the season just barely off all-time Vashon High School records.

Aubrey Robinson ended the game with 23 points and ended the season with a career total of 586 points, only 23 points behind Heidi Grimsley's record of 609. Aubrey is currently fourth leading scorer in Pirate girls' history.

Senior Lorean Serko pulled down 14 rebounds and ended up the season only three rebounds short of the school career record.

Vashon shot 26 for 36 in freethrows for the game, but it was the fact that fifteen first-half points in freethrows were the Pirates' only first half points - we got no field goals at all - and it starts to become apparent why the final score was what it was...

Melanie Parker got the first Pirate field goal almost two minutes into the second half, and the Pirates put on a furious charge, outscoring the Tigers for the second half, but the girls just couldn't come all the way back from being down 17 points.

Final: Vashon 55 - Granite Falls 71.

Pirate girls tie for third in the Nisqually League!

Pirate Girls Basketball plays in the Cross-Over Districts, HERE 6:00pm Saturday!

Pirate girls away at Foster, Friday 02/09/01

The girls played a really good game for their final Nisqually League match, but unfortunately it ended up a loss to Foster by one point, Foster 41 Vashon 40, in the last few seconds.

Scoring by quarters: Q1 Vashon 12 Foster 9; Q2 Vashon 17 Foster 19; Q3 with 3:09 left Vashon 21 Foster 24; end of Q3 tied at 26 all!; Q4 at 3:56 Vashon 30 Foster 36; Q4 with 47.4 seconds left Vashon 38 and Foster 41; we came down court and got two but time ran out and that was it, Vashon 40 Foster 41.

The girls played real well, and were right in the game all the way through, but it just wasn't to be.

I had Lorean for 13; Aubrey for 8; Samantha (back in her usual form) with 5; Melanie (who played real well and got some good rebounds) with 5; Katie with 4; Claire with 3; and Sierra with a great outside two late in the fourth for 2 points, and Brittany. I think that adds up...

Lorean played wisely, finally ending up with 4 fouls; Melanie and Samantha had 3 fouls each; Aubrey and Katie 2 each, and Claire with 1, so the Pirates played a clean game and we were never in any foul trouble.

Pirate girls versus Chimacum, 02/06/01: woo hoo! Pirates 48 Chimacum 28

I felt that the game was marred by some horrendously arbitrary officiating, with bizarre no-calls back-to-back with ticky-tacky-picky foul calls. But so it goes...

Melanie played well, as did Brittany, and Sierra, who got three points late in the fourth on free-throws: two when fouled shooting, and one-of-two shooting a technical that the Cowboy coach had called on him...

I had Aubrey for 24 with 18 in three's; Lorean for 9; Katie for 7; Sierra for 3; Melanie for 2; Claire for 2; Brittany for 1; Samantha fouled out, suprisingly for her with zero points.

Scoring by quarters: Q1 Vashon 7 Chimacum 8; Q2 Vashon 21 Chimacum 16; Q3 Vashon 33 Chimacum 20; Q4 Vashon 48 Chimacum 28

So the Pirates were firmly in command for the entire game after the first quarter.

For February 2, 2001: Eatonville 70 Vashon 34; Foster 46 Steilacoom 15 (!);

At the first week of February: the Pirate girls are presently tied for third place in the Nisqually League. The Nisqually/Olympic basketball playoff will be at the Olympic site this year: either Port Townsend or Klahowya

              W     L

Eatonville    8     0
Foster        5     3
Vashon        4     4
Orting        4     4
Chimacum      3     5
Steilacoom    0     8

For October 30, 2001: Orting 61 Vashon 40; Eatonville 72 Steilacoom 16 (!); Foster 49 Chimacum 42 (OT)

Since it seems no one is going to catch Eatonville, two home wins gave the Pirate girls a solid chance for second in the Nisqually League.

The home game against Steilacoom Friday 01/26/01 surprised the Pirates because the Sentinels pressed hard in the first half to good effect, letting Steilacoom stay close - so close the Pirates were only able to go up 2 points for most of the first half.

There were uncomfirmed rumors of some sort of tantrum at halftime, and something about Coach Tillman and a chair. Aubrey had no comment..

..but what ever happened at the half, the Pirates came out and played hard to hold the Sentinels to only two points in the third quarter and four points in the fourth!

Final score: Vashon 53 Steilacoom 30. Aubrey led Vashon with 22 points; Samantha had 10

Other Nisqually League scores: Eatonville 73 Chimacum 28; Orting 68 Foster 36

Foster came to the Island Tuesday January 23 and lost to the Pirates 54 - 43. The Bulldogs were up 15 -9 in the first quarter, but the Pirates came back in the second to lead 22 - 21 at the half. Foster stayed close through the third and into the fourth quarters, but with four minutes left the Bulldogs committed some ill-advised fouls and the Pirates pulled out on freethrows.

Aubrey had high score with 21; Samantha had 16 points.

Other Nisqually League scores: Chimacum 51 Steilacoom 46; Eatonville 59 Orting 27

The Pirate girls traveled out to Chimacum and ended up barely on the short end, losing 40 - 38.

Lorean led the Pirates with 15 points and 11 rebounds; Aubrey had a double-double with 10 points and 18 rebounds!

Other Nisqually League Girls' scores: Eatonville 71 Foster 29; Orting 50 Steilacoom 17 (!)...

The 01/16/01 home game versus Eatonville saw the Pirate girls lose 67 - 47, but Coach Tillman took some comfort in the fact that Eatonville had won each of its two prior games by about 70 points each!

Aubrey scored 25 points and broke two Pirate team records: with 18 freethrow attempts and 14 freethrows made, Aubrey broke records set by Bonnie Carol and Andrea Rand in the 1994 season.

Other Nisqually League Girls' scores: Foster 51 Steilacoom 43; Chimacum 44 Orting 41

The Pirate Girls are tied for first after the Nisqually League season-opening games! The Pirates beat Steilacoom at an away game 01/10/01, 56 - 43; and then won the second Nisqually League game, a home game against Orting 01/12/01 with a final score of 47 - 46!

The Orting game was won on a three-point shot by senior Lorean with about one minute left in the game! Orting had possession for most of :59 but missed three shots; finally Cardinal Keri Brown drew a fifth foul by Samantha, went to the free-throw line, and missed both free throws to seal the Pirate win!

Orting was up 34 - 31 at the end of the third; Claire put the Pirates up 40 - 38 with just over four minutes left. Aubrey fouled out with 1:07 left and Lorean played the fourth with four personal fouls.

In the Steilacoom game, Samantha had 16 points; Aubrey had 10. The Pirates shot 45% from the floor.

Winter 2000-2001

Winter 2000-2001 Schedule

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Vashon High School Boys' Basketball!

Pirate Boys' Basketball pictures!

Some pictures, finally...

OK: The Pirate boys play Orting at Foster, 02/13/01...

This game was to determine the last playoff spot for the Nisqually League.

The Pirates were up at the end of the first quarter 11 - 8, but there was bad news in the first: Chris Larson went out of the game with a sprained ankle. Not good, not good at all..

Orting pulled ahead 23 - 20 at the half, and more bad news in a way: Jake Songhurst played most of the second quarter in foul trouble.

Despite his fouls, Jake hit three straight field goals at the opening of the third quarter and the Pirates were up by one point at the end of the third.

The Pirates were in the game in the fourth, but the Cardinals pulled away slowly and stretched out a solid lead toward the end of the fourth.

Final score: Vashon 45, Orting 54, and so ended the boys' season.

Pirate Boys Basketball plays at Foster 02/13/01 - they gotta win! Go Pirates!

Friday 02/09/01: Pirates away at Foster.

Foster looked to be a tough opponent, and didn't disappoint: Vince Pelagio 28pts, Thomas Doty 13pts, so there's 41 points right there...

I continue to think that the boys are playing well, it's just that the competition is tough.

Scoring by quarters: Q1 Vashon 13 Foster 19; Q2 Vashon 21 Foster 35; Q3 Vashon 38 Foster 53; Q4 and final: Vashon 46 Foster 67

Chris C 8pts; Jake, Thomas, Mason, Joey, Cam for 5pts; Chris A, Greg, Michael, all for 4pts, Sam...

...so our scoring was well-balanced, but we just didn't have enough total output to stay with 'em

Pirate boys versus Chimacum, Tuesday 02/06/01: *dang* Chimacum 61 Vashon 51

Scoring by quarters: Q1 Vashon 11 Chimacum 14; Q2 Vashon 21 Chimacum 30; Q3 Vashon 31 Chimacum 45; at 2:13 left in the fourth we got to 46 - 51, but that was it, again the final Vashon 51 Chimacum 61

At February 2: Eatonville 72 Vashon 55; Chimacum 48 Orting 47; Steilacoom 74 Foster 63

              W     L
Steilacoom    8     0
Foster        5     3
Chimacum      4     4
Eatonville    3     5
Vashon        2     6
Orting        2     6

At January 30: Vashon 68 Orting 60; Foster 64 Chimacum 62; Steilacoom 57 Eatonville 47

Steilacoom at Vashon, Friday 01/26/01: the Cardinals didn't mess around.

Steilcoom led 14 - 7 at the end of the first and out-scored the Pirates in every quarter.

Final: Steilacoom 65 Vashon 43; other scores: Chimacum 71 Eatonville 48; Foster 59 Orting 38

The 01/23/01 home game against Foster was not a happy experience for the Pirate boys.

Joey hit a three at the end of the first quarter to tie the game at 13 all but that was the only time the Bulldogs did not lead..

Foster pulled out 36 - 24 at the half, and were up 48 - 32 at the end of the third. Final score: Foster 59 - Vashon 43.

Other Nisqually League boys' scores: Steilacoom 70 Chimacum 41;

The away game to Chimacum 01/19/01 found the Pirates losing momentum and the game to a strong Cowboy team.

Chimacum outscored Vashon 16 -7 in the third quarter; the Pirates lost 60 - 48.

Other Nisqually League scores: Eatonville 75 Foster 45; Steilacoom 65 Orting 35

Eatonville came to the Island Tuesday 01/16/01 and played quite a game.

The Pirates were up by three after the first quarter and at the half; the third quarter ended with Vashon up 59 - 49, but of course there was still one quarter to play!

The Cruisers slowly chipped away at the Pirate lead and at :39 left a missed free throw but a tip-in after by Eatonville tied the game.

Both teams played defense for 34 seconds until Mason Skeffington stole the ball and called time out! On the inbounds play the ball went to Thomas Dashiell and at the buzzer Dashiell shot from the left elbow and hit it for the game winner!

Dashiell had high points with 30; Joey Garcia had 22.

Other Nisqually League scores: Steilacoom 67 Foster 45; Orting 60 Chimacum 55

The Pirate Boys started out the Nisqually League season with two losses. Coach Gary Schaplow could accept one, but the other was disappointing.

On Tuesday 01/09/01, The Pirates were down by 21 - 12 to Steilacoom in the first quarter but came back to send the game in to overtime; the Pirates finally lost 63 - 55.

Joey Garcia had 25 points, 18 points in three's; Chris Chee had 15 and Thomas Dashiell had 14.

The next Nisqually league game, a home game against Orting, Friday 01/12/01, was a disappointing loss to coach Schaplow.

The Pirates started out up 7 - 0, went cold and went 2-for-7 for the rest of the first half and were down 29 - 16 coming out to start the third quarter.

The boys fought back to be within three points with under one minute left, but lost 55 - 46.

Thomas Dashiell and Jake Songhurst were high scorers with 12 points each.

Winter 2000-2001

Winter 2000-2001 Schedule

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Vashon High School Wrestling!

At Sunday 02/18/01:

Wrestling Finals at State!

Mikhail Abdul-Latif State 2A
Wrestling Champion at 189#

Wrestling Quarterfinals

Let's see if I can make some sense of this, given only last names to work with...

Pirate Wrestlers are 5-for-5 at the Quarterfinals!

On to State: Friday 02/16/01 Saturday 02/17/01

Happy Valentine's Day!

Five Pirate Wrestlers head to State!

Aaron Correll at 125#; Brian York 135#; Chris York 145#; Josh Gardner 152#; Mikhail Abdul-Latif 189#.
And we have three alternates, in case somebody doesn't make weight: Josh Thorn at 103#; Evan Mattingly 189#; Nick Berry 275#

Next up: Bi-Districts 02/10/01! Go Pirates!

So, on to Sub-Districts at Orting, Friday and Saturday 02/02-03/01.

The Pirate wrestlers returned to their usual position of superiority on the mats, winning the meet by 34.5 points over runner-up Orting. Final results: Vashon 267.5; Orting 233; Steilacoom 223; Eatonville 221.5; Port Townsend 145; Foster 108.5; Klahowya 104.5; Chimacum 16

Individual placements (top 4 go to Regionals, 5th place is an alternate):

103# Josh Thorn 1st;
112# Ryan Aspiri ended up 6th;
119# Dylan Gines 3rd;
125# Aaron Correll 1st;
130# -- ;
135# Brian York 1st, Paul Rudiski 5th;
140# -- ;
145# Chris York 1st;
152# Josh Gardner 2nd;
160# -- ;
171# Robert Bennedsen 5th;
189# Mikhail Abdul-Latif 1st, pinning Evan Mattingly, who took 2nd;
215# Jake Middling 4th, Thomas Sager 6th;
275# freshman Nick Berry 2nd, Alex Chamberlain 4th.

At the first week of February 2001: The Vashon Pirate wrestlers finished second in a Nisqually League Dual Meet, barely losing 36 - 38 to Orting in a barn-burner! Apart from that one League loss, the Pirates look unstoppable against the other Nisqually League teams.

The Pirates also soundly defeated North Mason by an overwhelming 72 - 0, and fared well but lost to Auburn Riverside, an SPSL 4A school.

Pirate wrestlers placed third in our prestigious Rock Island Tournament, an event that gives us a good look at State-wide wrestlers.

Sub-District Tournaments at Orting, Friday 02/02 and Saturday 02/03!

January 18 Nisqually League wrestling: Steilacoom 54 Foster 12; Orting 44 Eatonville 21

Pirate wrestlers guaranteed themselves at least a Nisqually-League second place with a dual-meet win over Eatonville, 41 - 35, Thursday, 01/11/01!

Eatonville was up 35 - 17 in the lower weight classes and the meet came down to the final match between Pirate Mik Abdul-Latif and Cruiser Josh Neff in the 215 pound class.

At 171 pounds, Pirate Robert Bennedsen pinned Kevin Hudspeth in :53; Pirate Evan Mattingly went to the third round of the 189 pound class before pinning Cruiser Dwayne Wagner and tying the match

Pirate Mik Abul-Latif wasted no time at all, taking command from the opening whistle in the 215 pound match, and got a pin at 1:46.

The wrestling team has a new coach, VHS graduate Anders Blomgren! New assistant coach is his brother Per-Lars Blomgren; returning assistant coach is Eric Blomgren.

Pirate Sports Fall 2000 Schedule

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Schedule

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Vashon High School Girls' Volleyball!

This year Vashon hosted the 2000 2A Bi-District Volleyball playoffs, Saturday, November 4!

(I got some good pictures... check 'em out!)

All-Nisqually League announcements:

Megan Krell, First Team middle blocker;

Lisa Rice, Second Team middle/outside hitter;

Leslie Palmer, Honorable Mention, outside hitter.

Megan is the first Vashon Pirate named to the All-Nisqually League First Team in several years, and the first since Rod Ciceri became coach!

The Pirate's record got them one shot at moving onward in the season: a trip out to Blue Heron Middle School in Port Townsend to play Klahowya, which was fifth place finisher in the Olympic Division. This match was to determine the final seed into the Bi-Districts to be played at Vashon on November 4.

Arriving early to what appeared to be a vacant school, the girls warmed up, and waited. We were short one regular Varsity player, and several of the sophomores were pressed into service.

The girls played their hearts out, but it was not to be.

Klahowya started out strong in the first game, but Vashon came back from several missed serves to tie at 10-10. Klahowya pulled ahead from that point and won 15-10.

The second game was a real battle: Vashon scored first 0-2, then Klahowya came back to 6-2; the Pirates caught up 6-6; then the game see-sawed 6-7, 6-8, 7-9; Klahowya up 10-9; Vashon tied 10-10; tied 11-11; tied 12-12; Vashon up 12-13, and on to win 12-14, 12-15.

A great game!

The third game seemed as though it was going to be a replay of the second: Klahowya out 3-1; then Vashon catches up 3-2, ties 3-3, and goes out in front 3-4; then Klahowya tied 4-4 on a bad no-call; went up 5-4; we tied 5-5 on an ace by Molly; but suddenly that was it: Klahowya 6-5, then suddenly 8-5; and the Pirates were stuck: 9-5, 10-5, 11-5, 12-5, 13-5, 14-5 and 15-5 for game and match.

All the girls played really well, particularily Jenny Montgomery and Joanna Speer, who Coach Rod felt played their best games all year.

But that was it; and now all we get to do is watch at our own party, when the Bi-Districts come to the Island...

Volleyball's final regular season match was an away game down at Steilacoom, Wednesday October 25.

C squad started out, playing to a time deadline of 4:00pm, when the JV game was scheduled to start, and C won a close one 20-18.

JV was next, and played pretty well, but lost to Steilacoom JV in two: 9-15 and 10-15.

Then it was Varsity's turn, and the girls seemed out of focus for their last regular season match, losing 7-15, 6-15 and getting swamped 2-15 in the third.

Both Junior Varsity and Varsity played great matches when Orting came to the Island 10/23/00 for the home game season-closer.

Junior Varsity did lose to Orting in three: 15-13, 15-10, and won the third 9-15. The girls were right in each game but a lack of communication and a tendancy to get too tight when the chips were down kept them from beating the Orting JV twice this season.

Varsity played a great match, winning 8-15, 1-15, 6-15.

We had some great digs by Lauren, Joanna, Lisa; good setting by Samantha; great kills by Lisa and Megan and Leslie. Megan had some great blocks at the net.

After the match, check out Pirate Volleyball vs *the boys*

The Pirates made the easiest road trip of the season to Foster High, which is just over in Tukwila, on 10/18/00, but the matches against Foster were pretty tough.

Junior Varsity won one game, but lost their match 15-10, 12-15, 15-7. JV was pretty evenly matched, but lost sight of the fundamentals of the game too often.

Varsity was simply out-played by a very powerful Foster Varsity, which had good ball control, good blocking at the net, and several hitters who could hit a three-by-three foot spot almost at will.

Varsity scores: 15-3, 15-1 (!), 15-6.

Foster should be a team to watch at the Bi-Districts, here at Vashon, November 4, 2000.

Pirate/Foster pictures!

The 10/16/00 match against Eatonville featured games by all three teams: C, Junior Varsity, and Varsity.

C and JV both put up really good battles: C lost the match, with scores of 15-6, 15-12, and scared Eatonville by driving them to a 16-14 score in the third game.

Junior Varsity lost 15-8, won the second game 11-15, lost the third and the match 15-3.

Varsity had a even tougher time of it, losing 15-4, 15-5, 15-3.

I couldn't figure out any way to get to the away game 10/11/00 at Chimacum: I work over in town, and getting out to the Olympic Peninsula in the middle of the day is really hard, what with the work at Southworth and all, unless I'd have gone into Colman Dock and gone out of Seattle to Bainbridge, or something...

...and the Pirates ended taking a boat off the south end, and driving up 16 and over the Hood Canal bridge.

And after arriving at Chimacum almost two hours before the match, the girls couldn't get fired up, and lost to Chimacum, 15-8, 15-2, 16-14. We gave 'em a good battle in the third game, but to no avail.

Steilacoom came up to the Island Monday, October 9. They had given us a good battle earlier in the year at the Mariner Tournament, and the Pirates were hoping for some revenge and a Nisqually League win...

...but it was not to be. Varsity started out well, winning 15-6 in the first game. Steilacoom came back and won the match in the next three games, 15-9, 15-4, 15-2.

JV lost to Steilacoom 15-9, 12-15, 15-8 in a very well-played match.

The away game down to Orting 10/04/00 was a real turn-around from Monday and Foster: the Pirate Varsity won 15-5, 15-5, 15-4; and Junior Varsity won 15-3, 15-8, 15-2 for a sweep!

Orting had no Seniors or Juniors on it's Varsity team; I talked to one of their players after the game, and told her to keep her head up, as next year Vashon and Orting both would be playing only with girls who are now freshmen or sophomores...

Foster came to the Island Monday 10/02/00 and the players were as raucous as usual. Since every sports team in America seems to have adopted "Who let the dogs out?" the fact that Foster's mascot is the "Bulldogs"didn't make it any easier to hear it again...

...and to add insult to injury, the Bulldogs beat the Pirates 15-7, 15-6, 15-10.

Vashon's second Nisqually League match on 09/27/00, an away game against Eatonville, had Varsity, Junior Varsity and C squads all playing matches.

Varsity lost solidly to Eatonville 15-1, 15-9 and 15-2. The girls never seemed to be in focus in any match.

Junior Varsity lost also, 15-10, 15-3, and 15-2.

The second match also saw the Pirates suffer another serious loss when Chelsea Coldeen injured her right knee attempting to play a ball out-of-bounds in very tight quarters in Eatonville's gym, which was set up to play two matches at once, in two courts, side-by-side.

The C squad gained some measure of revenge, beating Eatonville's C squad 17-15, 9-15, 12-15! 'Way to go, C!

Chimacum came to the Island for Volleyball's first Nisqually League match on Monday, 09/25/00.

The Pirate Varsity played a tough match over five games, but finally lost to the Cowboys: 9-15, 17-15, 11-15, 15-12, 15-7.

Volleyball had a bye-week the week of 09/17-09/23...

The Pirates traveled up to Lakewood High School past Marysville 09/14/00 and Varsity, Junior Varsity and C squads got to play.

Varsity played one of the best volleyball matches I've seen in a long time! Lakewood finally won but it was a battle: 15-10, 15-11, 11-15, 15-13.

Lakewood had an amazing turnout (compared to Vashon standards..) they had maybe 200 people in the stands, and cheerleaders...

The Mariner HS Tournament on Saturday 09/09/00 was pretty tough. We were up against a lot of 3A schools, and even the 2A schools were pretty tough, too.

Steilacoom (2A - Nisqually League rival..) was a heartbreaker: up 10-1, lost 10-15 or 11-15, I don't remember. The second game we lost..

The final match against Garfield HS was a heartbreaker, too. We won the first game, lost the second game, and lost the third game 13-15 on a bad call by a line judge who called Garfield's serve in, and who broke into tears moments after she realized she'd blown the call and we'd lost the match because of her...

Thursday 09/07/00: Yeak, OK, we lost to Forks, both JV and Varsity (15-5, 15-4, 15-7), but all the girls played pretty darn well -- pretty good for only the first game of the season!

Coach Rod Ciceri feels that the Pirate Volleyball team could finish in the top three in the Nisqually League this year. Eatonville is league favorite, and Foster should be a strong team.

Returning seniors are Leslie Palmer, Lisa Rice, and Megan Krell, all of whom have been playing off-Island club ball. These seniors are joined by Lauren Dantche, Emma Hathaway, and Molly Wilson.

There are no returning Juniors; Sophomores include Samantha Songhurst, Jenny Montgomery, Joanna Speer, Rosalie Sage, Rachel Weise, Amanda Denend; most of these girls played in an on-Island club team last spring. Freshmen are Katie Wilson, Sierra Webb, Lara Smith, Char Skeffington, Chelsea Coldeen, Sarah Davis, Monica Fisher, Katie McDaneld, Holly Bercynski, Kayla Clampett, and Hailey Poehlman.

In all there are 28 girls on the roster at 10/10/00; the Pirates are able to field a "C" team against those schools which have a "C" squad thanks to the donations of Pirate parents to the Girls' Volleyball program.

Practices start Monday, August 21, 2000; Season ends November 11, 2000.

Minimum practice days per individual = 10. Regular season contest limit = 16 + Jamboree. All Varsity Level games are played immediately after completion of the JV games. JV: best 2 out of 3 games. Varsity: best 3 out of 5 games.

Participating schools: Vashon, Chimacum, Eatonville, Foster, Orting, Steilacoom

Head Coach: Rod Ciceri; JV Coach: Kristin Eastman

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Schedule

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Vashon High School Girls' Soccer!

All-Nisqually League announcements:

Seven Pirates from Vashon's league-champion team made All-Nisqually League places:

Sophomore forward Femke Oldham, and freshmen mid-fielder Brittany Jackson and forward Teal McKay were all picked for First Team.

Second Team Pirates were seniors Sarah Meier, Selena Ligrano, and Erin Britz, and junior Zoe Beba.

Team Honors:

Sarah Meier and Selena Ligrano, Varsity team captains; Karina Deutsch, most improved; Maura Little, most inspirational; Erin Britz, the Green and Gold award for earning four Varsity letters; Claire Carlson, the No I in Team award.

Junior Varsity team captains: Erika Strandberg and Kelsy Landry; Sara Ewers, most improved; Marissa Griffith, most inspirational.

Vashon's trip out to Chimacum 10/24/00 was a must-win, but since Chimacum had scored only 1 goal while giving up 88, the Pirates weren't too worried.

The Pirates won 9-0.

Scoring, in order: Erin Britz; Alice Serko; Lauren Daniels; and Lauren again in the first half; Zoe Beba started the second half; then Brittany Jackson on a free kick; Teal McKay; Maura Little (released from her usual goalkeeping duties..) and then Teal McKay again for Vashon's ninth point.

The Pirate girls locked up first place in the Nisqually League with a 3-2 win against Orting, at Orting, October 24.

The Pirates scored barely two minutes into the match when Erin Britz sent a corner kick across to Lauren Daniels who put the ball in goal just past the right post.

Orting tied early in the second, and then went ahead on a second goal, and tried to settle back into a defensive posture at their own net.

Coach Carroll moved one more player forward, and Vashon tied with a Sarah Meier pass to Zoe Beba who scored from five yards out.

With ten minutes to play the Pirates took the lead for good when Violet Wilson passed a corner kick across the net to Lauren Daniels who scored the last Vashon goal.

OK: so there's a tie at the top of the Nisqually League.

Foster came to the Island Thursday 10/19/00 for the Pirate's home season-closer, and the Pirates scored an overtime win and took sole possession of first place!

Foster scored first at the twelfth minute; then again at the eighteenth minute and the first half ended Foster 2 Vashon 0.

But the Pirates came out fighting in the second.

Teal McKay scored first for Vashon with a goal from the right at 20 minutes; three minutes later Teal tied the game with a goal after a shot by Femke Oldham rebounded off a Foster player. Violet Wilson got assists on both McKay's goals.

Let's just say that Vashon lost to Eatonville at an away game 10/17/00 0 - 5 and leave it at that...

...but meantime, Foster lost to Orting 2-1, so there's a three-way tie at the top of the Nisqually League with Steilacoom.

Vashon played very well on a home, non-league match against Wapato, 10/14/00, and scored a shutout 4 - 0.

Teal McKay scored a hat-trick: her first goal was at 15 minutes in the first; at nine in the first Teal took a pass at midfield from Brooke Lester and beat the Wolves's goalie; McKay's third goal in the first half came off a pass from Laurin Daniels.

Toward the end of the second period, Marissa Griffith kicked the ball off a Wapato player and Zoe Beba took the rebound, made several touches and put the ball under the Wapato goalie for the Pirate's fourth score.

The away game at Steilacoom on 10/12/00 became the first Nisqually League loss for the Pirates, and loss was a shut-out.

The Pirates were solidly in the game in the first half, but the Sentinels commanded the second half and scored the lone goal on a shot deflected off Pirate goalie Maura Little.

The Pirate girls traveled to King's West for a non-league game on October 10, 2000, and won 3-0.

Zoe Beba scored in the first three minutes; Brittany Jackson scored on a free kick in the first period; Laurin Daniels scored in the second to give the Pirates a win on a small, tight field, with several Varsity players absent.

The road game out at Chimacum 10/05/00 saw Sarah Meir setting an amazing record of some sort: she scored the first Pirate goal at :22 seconds into the match. Teal McKay had taken the ball down the right line and passed to Meir, who put the ball into the goal.

Zoe Beba scored at 1:40; after that, Lauren Daniels, Teal McKay and Claire Carlson each scored twice to make the score 8-0 at the half.

Pirate scoring expanded to defender Alice Serko, one goal, and even goalie Maura Little got down field to make two touches and a kick into the back of the net. Teal McKay and Alice Serko alternated in goal while Maura was down-field.

Final: Vashon 10 - Chimacum 0

First round Nisqually League: Pirate Girls' Soccer is Undefeated!

Orting came to Vashon Tuesday 10/03/00 and Pirate victories continued to roll in.

Freshman Teal McKay needed only :35 to score the Pirate's first goal; freshman Brittany Jackson scored the second Vashon goal at 8:00 on a free kick over the Orting wall.

Orting got on the board at 15:00 into the second period after a Pirate defensive lapse: the Pirates failed to clear the ball away after Maura Little came out of goal on the left to make a save.

The Pirate defense returned to it's usual strong form from then out and the final score was Vashon 2 Orting 1.

Thursday September 28 found the Pirates visiting Foster, and almost scoring at will.

Final score: Vashon 8 Foster 1.

Teal McKay scored 3 goals, Femke Oldham scored 2, and Alice Serko, Erin Britz and Marissa Griffith each scored one goal.

Freshman Teal McKay scored both Pirate goals for Varsity when Eatonville came to the Island 09/26/00. McKay scored first in the fifth minute on a breakaway down the right; at eighteen minutes into the second half McKay took a pass from Lauren Daniels, made three touches on the ball, and scored past the Eatonville goalie.

McKay is currently the Pirates' leading scorer.

Final scores: Varsity - Vashon 2 Eatonville 0. Junior Varsity - Vashon 1 Eatonville 2.

Steilacoom was the first Nisqually League match on 09/21/00, and the Pirates finally got a win when it mattered.

Femke Oldham scored for the Pirates in the 12th minute with a shot from the right. Coach Carroll applauded Femke's intensity after the game.

In the third minute of the second half Brittany Jackson scored from 18 yards out on the right to make the score 2-0.

Teal McKay scored the final Pirate goal to complete the shutout at 3-0.

Maura Little was back in goal for the Pirates after having been out with a shoulder injury for earlier matches. Selena Ligrano directed defense, and Alice Serko brought the ball upfield consistently on offense.

Junior Varsity won also, 6-2.

On 09/13/00 Sultan HS came down and played the Pirates to another tie.

Sultan scored early on a defensive error; Teal McKay scored with about 8 minutes left in the second to even the score at 1-1.

Evergreen played Vashon here on September 11 and the Pirates had to settle for a tie 1-1.

Evergreen scored in the first half on a defensive error that left an open net; in the second half Erin Britz scored from the left with a kick under the Evergreen goalie with 15 minutes left; the Pirates got three more shots on goal in the last 15 that bounced off the posts and didn't go in.

Girls' soccer traveled up to Lakewood High for a non-league opener 09/06/00.

Varsity lost to Lakewood 1-0 on a header off a corner kick in the first ten minutes; the Pirates played Lakewood well after that, and neither team scored again.

Coach Carroll had praise for Brittany Jackson and Michelle Krell, midfielders, and Joon Hartman on defense for Varsity.

On Junior Varsity, Abby Jensen, Kelsey Clark, Kelsey Landry, Alex Childs and Dominique DeVaux played well.

Nisqually League Girls' Soccer should be exciting this year. The Pirates have a solid core of Varsity players, but with defending State Champion Klahowya in the district, competition will be stiff.

Returning Pirate soccer players include All-Nisqually goalie Maura Little, junior, and Second Team All-League defender Selina Legrano, senior.

Other returning Pirates include seniors Erin Britz, Melissa Bryn, Sarah Meir, and Jill Schlosser; juniors Karina Deutsch and Zoe Beba; sophomores Alice Serko and Femke Oldham.

About 40 girls turned out, so coach Debbie Carroll and assistant Mary Beba have a lot of work to do just dividing the girls into Varsity and Junior Varsity.

Practices start Monday, August 21, 2000; Season ends November 18, 2000.

Minimum practice days per individual = 10. Regular season contest limit = 16 + Jamboree.

Participating schools: Vashon, Chimacum, Eatonville, Foster, Orting, Steilacoom

Head Coach: Debbie Eastman

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Schedule

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Vashon High School Boys' Tennis!

Next up for the Pirates is intra-squad play to determine the three singles and three doubles slots for the Boys' League sub-districts, 10/26-27-28, 2000.

Then it's the long wait until May...

Pirates finish with a 14-0 League season!

The Vashon Tennis Commission finished it's season with a 5-0 victory over Eatonville 10/17/00.

Coach Rice had to do a little lineup-juggling because it was a half day, and some players were late.

Charlie Caldwell play singles for the first time this year and won 6-0, 6-0; Rich Montgomery won 6-3, 6-2; Zach Mann won 6-0, 6-0; Willis Barnes was late but defeated his opponent 6-3 in an exhibition match.

Doubles: Heidenberg/Richards W 6-1, 6-0; Langland/Gorton W.

The away game out at Steilacoom on Thursday, October 12, was a little bit of a scare.

Second singles Willis Barnes, and third singles Rich Montgomery both went three sets. Willis was able to pull out a win 7-6 (7-1), 1-6, 6-2; Rich finally lost to his Sentinel opponent 5-7, 6-0, 3-6. First singles Zach Mann won 6-0, 6-0.

Doubles: Swain/Caldwell L 4-6, 4-6; Heidenberg/Langland W 6-1, 6-1.

Vashon won the match 3 - 2.

The away match at Foster 10/10/00 yielded another victory for the Vashon Tennis Commission.

The Pirates' toughest competition was in the doubles match between Gerry Richards and Mikael Heidenberg and the two top Bulldogs players.

Richards/Heidenberg won, 6-2, 6-1.

The second doubles of Caldwell/Swain won easily 6-0, 6-0.

Singles: Zach Mann W 6-0, 6-0; Willis Barnes W 6-1, 6-2; Danny Speer W 6-2, 6-0.

Final: Vashon 5, Foster 0

Thomas Jefferson was a heads-up for the Pirates on Thursday, October 5.

TJ is 10-and-0 in the South Puget Sound League; it's a 4A school. The Pirates were a little over-confident because the TJ junior varsity were their opponents. Vashon took 6 Varsity and five JV players down for the match.

Final: Vashon 3 - Thomas Jefferson 2

Singles: Gerry Richards W 4-6, 6-4, 6-2; Willis Barnes W 6-2, 6-4; Marc Langland W 6-4, 3-6, 7-6

Doubles: Cvitanich/Montgomery L 4-6, 1-6; Roe/Thorn L 0-6, 0-6

The Vashon Tennis Commision continued to roll on, playing two non-league matches October 2, 2000, and on October 5.

On Monday 10/02 the Pirates went up to Everett to pay a visit to Doug Kloke's new school: Cascade High School.

Cascade is a 4A school; the Pirates played the Cascade JV, and most Vashon players dominated, winning the match 8-3.

Eatonville came to Vashon Thursday September 28, and the Vashon Tennis Commission continued it's winning ways 5-0.

Singles winners: Gerry Richards 6-0, 6-1; Willis Barnes 6-3, 6-0; Rich Montgomery 6-4, 6-1.

Doubles winners: Charlie Caldwell/Andrew Gorton 6-0, 6-1; Tyler Swain/Marc Langland 6-3, 6-2.

Zach Mann didn't play; he's nursing a sore shoulder..

The Vashon Tennis Commission continues to roll.

At Steilacoom 09/26/00 all singles matches were very competitive, but the Pirates were victorious 5-0.

Winners: Singles: Gerry Richards 7-6, 4-6, 6-4; Mikael Heidenberg 7-6 (7-5), 6-2; Willis Barnes 7-6 (7-2), 6-7, 7-6 (7-3).

Doubles: Zach Mann/Danny Speer 6-2, 6-4; Andrew Gorton/Marc Langland 6-2, 6-4.

The Pirates played two Nisqually League matches on September 19 against Chimacum by agreement, to avoid ferry schedule hang-ups later in the season due to construction at Southworth.

Vashon won both matches, 5-0 and 5-0.

In the first, singles: Gerry Richards, 6-0, 6-3; Marc Langland 6-0, 6-2; Andrew Gorton 6-0, 6-0; doubles: Zach Mann/Mikael Heidenberg 6-0, 6-0; Paul Cvitanich/Kane Chunn 6-0, 6-1.

In the second match, singles: Willis Barnes, 6-0, 6-0; Danny Speer, 6-0, 6-0; Rich Montgomery, 6-0, 6-0. Doubles: Charlie Caldwell/Tyler Swain 6-0, 6-0; Josh Thorn/Colin Loveness, 6-0, 6-1.

Look at it this way:

Vashon 120 -- Chimacum 7..

On 09/13/00 the Decatur High School Junior Varsity came to Vashon. Decatur is a SPSL 4A school.

Carol Rice: "Usually 4A JV teams are more than we can handle.."

The Pirates won every set and match!

After winning his Decatur opponent, Zach Mann took on Decatur's #1 player in a exhibition match and won 8-3.

Eatonville came to the Island on September 12 and was soundly thumped 5-0.

Singles: Zach Mann 6-0, 6-0; Willis Barnes 6-0, 6-0; Danny Speer 6-1, 6-1

Doubles: Charlie Caldwell/Tyler Swain 6-2, 6-1; Marc Langland/Mikael Heidenberg 6-0, 6-3

Josh Rowe and Paul Cvitanich took a JV doubles victory as did Josh Thorn and Colin Loveness; Ryan Mayer won his first high school match ever!

The Pirate Boys won their season opener September 7 at home against Steilacoom decisively 4-0.

Zach Mann took his singles match 6-1, 6-0; Willis Barnes took his match 6-3, 6-2; first doubles team of Charlie Caldwell/Tyler Swain won 6-4, 6-0; second doubles team Marc Langland/Mikael Heidenberg won 6-0,6-0. Danny Speer won his first singles set 6-1 and the next set was tied 4-4 when the rains set in and the match was called off.

Although this was only the first match this year that the Pirates have actually played, the Pirates' record is currently 2-0 because Foster couldn't field a full team on 09/05 and Coach Rice claimed a forfeit.

Perhaps the biggest problem facing Coaches Carol Rice and Eva Lou Grimsley is the fact that there are only seven slots on Boys' Varsity, and at least twice that many players capable of filling those slots!

Senior Zach Mann, for two years a major contender at State, says he will be satisfied with nothing less than a State Championship. Other strong seniors include Charlie Caldwell, Danny Speer, Rich Montgomery, Andrew Gorton and Ryan Wesley.

Juniors include Tyler Swain and Marc Langland; sophomores include Willis Barnes, Paul Cvitanich, Kane Chunn, and Swedish exchange student Mikael Heidenberg. Coming in also are a number of promising freshmen.

Practices start Monday, August 21, 2000; Season ends November 9, 2000.

Minimum practice days per individual = 10. Season contest limit = 16 + Jamboree. Individual contest limit = 20.

Participating schools: Vashon, Chimacum, Eatonville, Foster, Steilacoom

Head Coach: Carole Rice

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Schedule

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Vashon High School Cross Country!

The final season meet October 17, 2000 was away at Orting; the Pirate Harriers took the meet.

Girls: Vashon 15 - Orting incomplete. Jessica Kneeshaw first across at 15:43. Pirate girls swept the first five places: Jessica; Laura Trevellyan second, then Samantha Hirman, Ashley Bryant, and Kristen Kozak.

Boys: Vashon 24 - Orting 32. Owen Farcy first across at 12:51; second was a Cardinal runner who just edged Jordan Laughlin who took third; Andrew Alexander fourth; Kevin Sudduth seventh; Dustin Brenneman ninth.

Saturday October 14, 2000 found the Pirates out at the Port Townsend Invitational.

The Pirate girls did great, finishing second team overall behind North Kitsap, a 4A school.

Jessica Kneeshaw was third across overall for the girls; Sarah Trevellyan was tenth; Samantha Hirman was twelfth; Ashley Bryant twentieth; Kristen Kozak twentysixth.

Owen Farcy wasn't available for the Port Townsend meet.

The Pirate boys finished ninth overall. Jordan Laughlin crossed at 23rd, David Culp was 24th and Andrew Alexander was 26th.

Foster came to the Paradise Ridge course on Vashon for the meet October 10, 2000.

The Pirate girls swept the top *five* places on their way to a 15 - incomplete victory over the Bulldogs.

First across was Jessica Kneeshaw in 20:52; second Laura Trevellyan in 22:01; third was Samantha Hirman at 23:52; fourth Ashley Bryant in 24:23, just beating teammate Kristen Kozak by *one* second, in 24:24, for fifth place for the Pirates. The first Foster girl was over in 25:12.

Owen Farcy was first across for all boys in 16:33, but Foster was second, third and fourth before Andrew Alexander of Vashon in 17:50, and Jordan Laughlin in 17:53.

Foster won the boys' meet 24 to 31.

The Pirates did well at the Cascade Invitational, Saturday 10/07/00, out at Leavenworth WA.

Jessica Kneeshaw was first Pirate girl across in seventh place; the Pirate girls team finished seventh out of eleven girls' teams competing.

Owen Farcy was first Pirate boy across in eight overall; the Pirate boys finished eigth out of twenty boys' teams entered.

Girls' cross country squeaked out a win 27-28 over the Steilacoom Sentinels at Steilacoom on October 3, 2000. Laura Trevellyan was the first girl across in 20:24.

Owen Farcy was first boy across in 17:21 but the Sentinel boys took the team competition 23-24

The Pirates traveled to Foster 09/26/00 and found the Foster boys to be a surprisingly strong team. Although Owen Farcy won overall at 16:20, the Foster boys won the team meet 20-38.

Pirate girls did well: Laura Trevellyan, first across at 21:06, Jessica Kneeshaw second, and Samantha Herman, third, all finished ahead of any Foster girls; even if the Foster girls had fielded a complete team, the Pirate girls would have still won team honors on points, 15-incomplete.

Orting came to Vashon on 09/19/00 and the Pirates took their first XC win.

Owen Farcy led all boys in 16:59, almost a full minute ahead of the first Orting runner, followed by David Culp at 18:18 for third; Andrew Alexander at 18:24 for fourth; and Jordan Laughlin at 18:26, for fifth place. Kevin Sudduth finished seventh at 18:49.

For the girls, Jessica Kneeshaw was first across in 22:55; Kaye Stephens, second at 24:54; Ashley Bryant, third at 25:37; Kristen Kozak, fourth at 26:50. Leanne Garcia-Bruce was seventh overall at 30:12.

Laura Trevellyan and Samantha Herman were right up with the leaders although their runs counted as final practices to make them eligible for the next meet, at Steilacoom.

The South Whidbey Invitational on Saturday, September 16 was character-building...

Owen Farcy finished eighth for the top Pirate placing. Owen said that at least it would be helpful, later, to have run against some of the athletes the Pirates will see at Sub-Districts in October.

Steilacoom came to Vashon for the Nisqually League XC opener on September 12.

Owen Farcy won boys' overall in 16:49, about 30 seconds ahead of Steilacoom's fastest runner; Steilacoom also took third and fourth to win the team competition 26-31.

A Sentinel girls' runner finished first to lead the Steilacoom girls' to a team win 21-34. Jessica Kneeshaw was first Pirate girl across at third with a time of 23:21.

One Vashon runner was on academic probation and did not compete; two more girls have turned out and should be contenders as soon as they have the required practices.

The biggest problem facing Pirate XC runners may be the small turn-out for the team itself.

Coach Russ Brazill feels that the team can compete for the League title this year, but the small boys' and girls' teams mean that everyone will need to stay healthy.

Returning three-time State Qualifier Jessica Kneeshaw, and fellow senior Kaye Stephens lead the girls, with sophomore Ashley Bryant, and freshmen Leanne Garcia-Bruce and Kristen Kozak.

Senior Owen Farcy was sixth at State last year; juniors Andrew Alexander and Ryan Berry; sophomore Jordan Laughlin return from last year.

Jeffery Whitford, junior, David Culp, sophomore, and freshmen Kevin Sudduth and Jay Motoyoshi fill out the boys' squad.

Practices start Monday, August 21, 2000; Season ends November 4, 2000.

Minimum practice days per individual = 12. Contest limit = 10 + Jamboree.

Participating schools: Vashon, Orting, Steilacoom, Foster

Head Coach: Russ Brazill

Fall 2000

Fall 2000 Schedule

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Vashon High School Football!

Nisqually League leader Orting came to the Island for Homecoming Friday October 20, and spoiled at least part of the party..

Orting was up 37-0 in the first half, having scored on every possession, before Chris O'Brien connected with Andre Chevalier on a 55 yard pass to put the Pirates on the board with 10 seconds to go before the half.

Vashon held Orting scoreless in the second half, but unfortunately the Cardinals returned the favor and the final score remained 37-6.

One bright spot for the future: freshman Robdert Bennedsen had a total of 96 yards for the game: 8 rushes for 46 yards and 50 yards on kickoff returns. Bennedsen got his playing time after Sean Donnelly was poked in the eye near the end of the first half.

Port Townsend could have stayed home, too..

On Friday 10/13 (Friday the Thirteenth? hmm..) the Redskins came to the Island and proceeded to score twice before the Pirates could even run their first offensive play.

Port Townsend scored on it's opening drive, and then recovered it's own kickoff after their first touchdown and scored again to lead 14-0. The Pirates got the ball but failed to score in the first half and the Redskins led 32-0 at the half.

Vashon came to play in the second half and held Port Townsend to only one more score in the second half.

The Pirates' first score came on a Chris O'Brien pass to Andre Chevalier who escaped two Redskins to score six.

Sean Donnelly ran for 90 yards, including the touchdown, on a 95 yard drive that resulted in the Pirates' second touchdown.

Sean had 142 yards rushing total for the game on 18 carries.

Eatonville came to the Island Friday October 6, and most everybody wished they'd hadn't...

The Pirates lost 43-19 as the Cruisers continued their strong season in the Nisqually League.

The Cruisers were up 22-0 late in the second quarter when Joseph Beytebiere returned a kickoff 95 yards (!) for the Pirate's first score. Eatonville responded by scoring once more before the half, and led 29-6 going in to the lockers.

Eatonville scored twice more in the third to lead 43-6.

After what would become Eatonville's final score, Joseph Beytebiere returned *another* kickoff -- this time for 96 yards -- and the Pirates scored six.

After the Pirates stopped the Cruisers on downs at the thirteen, Vashon drove 87 yards and Sean Donnelley scored the Pirate's final touchdown from 13 yards out.

Final, again, Vashon 19 Eatonville 43.

Victory came to Vashon with the Chimacum Cowboys 09/29/00 as the Vashon Pirates took a fantastic win, coming from behind three times on a rainy evening to finally win 27-21.

The Pirates' final touchdown came with about 1:19 left in the fourth, as QB Chris O'Brien found Andre Chevalier in the left corner of the endzone on fourth down. Andre was surrounded by Cowboys but pulled the ball in for six points. Sean Donnelly ran in for a two point conversion to set the score at 27-21 and the Pirates' defense held Chimacum out of their endzone for a victory!

Fans were glad to see Andrei Serebryakov return after injuring his shoulder 09/09 playing West Seattle; Andrei scored the first Pirate touchdown with a six-yard run.

Joey Korenek set up the next Pirate score with a quarterback sack on third down; the Cowboy punter dropped the snap and Vashon recovered on the 18. Sean Donnelly drove through the middle to give the Pirates six more points and a 13-7 lead at the half.

Chimacum scored first in the second half; after punts and a clipping penalty against the Pirates, Vashon started on it's own 19 yard line; Chris O'Brien completed three passes of 15 yards to Joey Korenek, 12 yards to Clay Leonard, and 17 yards to Joey again; Sean Donnelly took over at that point and ran 46 yards to put the Pirates up 19-14.

Chimacum scored in the fourth to make it 19-21 and not much seemed to work for the Pirates for most of the fourth quarter. Vashon drove down to the Cowboy 20 and penalties sent the Pirates backwards 20 yards, setting up fourth and *long*. Coach Mark Henderson called time and set up a play, asking his players which side to pass to. Andre went out long to the left, O'Brien found him, and the Pirates won 27-21 after Donnelly ran for two!

The Pirates did *not* have a happy trip out to Klahowya High School, Friday 09/22/00 for the Nisqually League opener.

The Pirates stopped an early drive and took over on downs on their 2 yard line only to fumble and have the ball roll through the endzone for a safety. The Eagles took over after a great kickoff on their own 20, but on the second down took the ball 81 yards for a touchdown. 9-0. An intercepted pass led to another Klahowya TD and a 16-0 lead at the end of the first.

Sean Donnelly ran the ball in from 22 yards out at the beginning of the second to make it 16-6; Klahoway ran in 4 more TD's in the second half before the Pirates last score on a Sean Donnelly run into the endzone; Klahowya scored once more in the last minutes of the fourth to set the final score to Klahowya 51, Vashon 12.

Cascade Christian came to the Island Saturday 09/16/00 for a 17-6 victory over the Pirates.

Robert Bennedsen scored Vashon's only touchdown on a 35 yard, third quarter pass from quarterback Chris O'Brien. Robert also returned three kickoffs for a total of 60 yards.

Sean Donnelly rushed for 122 yards on 19 carries; Chris O'Brien completed 11 of 20 passes for 148 yards; the Pirates had 264 yards total offense vs 267 yards total for Cascade Christian, but it was the Cougars who found the goal line twice, versus the Pirate's one touchdown.

Well, let's just say that the home opener on September 9 against West Seattle is over, and be done with it.

The Pirates scored first; the Indians needed only :23 to score after the Pirates, and went on to win 55-14.

More bad news: Andrei Serebryakov re-dislocated his shoulder...

09/06/00: Coach Mark Henderson won't make any predictions for Pirate football this year in the face of strong Nisqually league opponents.

Junior Chris O'Brien should return as quarterback; other returning starters are Jordan Cross, ILB and C; Adrei Serebryakov, RB and OLB; Joey Korenek, TE and DL; Sean Donnelly, FB and LB; Chris Anderson, LB and OL; and Jacob Middling, OL and DL.

Other important Pirate players include juniors include Andre Chevalier, Dylan Gines, Jeff Brzoska, and Matt Wood; sophomore Clay Leonard; freshman Robert Bennedsen.

Practices start Monday, August 21, 2000; Season ends December 2, 2000.

Minimum practice days per individual = 14. Minimum practices prior to Jamboree = 10. Regular season contest limit = 10 + Jamboree.

Participating schools: Vashon, Chimacum, Eatonville, Foster, Klahowya, Orting, Port Townsend, Steilacoom

Head Coach: Mark Henderson

Here's what the Tacoma News-Tribune thinks:


Coach, year - Mark Henderson (fourth).

Offensive set - Wing-T. Defensive set - 5-2.

Returning starters:

(8 offense): QB Chris O'Brien, 5-11, 170, Jr.; FB Sean Donnelly, 5-10, 200, Jr.; C Jordan Cross, 5-10, 170, Jr.; OL Chris Anderson, 6-2, 190, Sr.; RB Andrei Serebryakov, 5-10, 175, Sr.; TE Joey Korenek, 6-3, 240, Sr.; WR Andrei Chevalier, 5-10, 175, Jr.; OT Jacob Middling, 5-10, 200, So.

(6 defense): ILB Sean Donnelly, 5-10, 200, Jr.; DL Chris Anderson, 6-2, 190, Sr.; OLB Andrei Serebryakov, 5-10, 175, Sr.; DT Joey Korenek, 6-3, 240, Sr.; OLB Andrei Chevalier, 5-10, 175, Jr.; DT Jacob Middling, 5-10, 200, So.

Storyline - The Pirates took their lumps last season, using a sophomore-dominated lineup. Still, Vashon won three games and will likely double that this season. The Pirates have two guys named Andrei. Where else are you gonna get that?

Schedule - Sept. 8 West Seattle; Sept. 16 Cascade Christian; Sept. 22 at Klahowya; Sept. 29 Chimacum; Oct. 6 Eatonville; Oct. 13 at Port Townsend; Oct. 20 Orting (Homecoming); Oct. 27 at Steilacoom; Nov. 3 at Foster.

- - -

Class 2A Nisqually League

Predicted order of finish:

1. Eatonville

2. Orting

3. Foster

4. Vashon

5. Port Townsend

6. Chimacum

7. Steilacoom

8. Klahowya"

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