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'"La Sylphide" and Original Works'

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'"La Sylphide" and Original Works' was performed by the Blue Heron Dance Company at the Vashon High School Theater, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 7-8-9, 2004

I took over 900 digital still photographs at all three performances, of every dance number and of "La Sylphide" itself.

I've put up the best of my photographs linked off of this web page. The performances are shown, below, in the order they were presented in the program.

I am pleased to offer photo-quality reprints of the pictures shown here.

The performances by all the dancers were absolutely stunning!

The performances, in program order:


"Brandenburg Concerto #3 by 5",
Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Prep Ballet,


Creative Movement 3 years,


Creative Movement 4 years,

1440LaSylph Sat

"Uh-Oh!" Hip-hop,
Friday, Saturday and Sunday


Ballet 1,
Friday and Saturday

1791LaSylph Sun

Primary Ballet,


Adult Modern,
Friday Saturday and Sunday

1483LaSylph Sat

Modern 2,


"Heaven Knows",

1868LaSylph Sun

Modern 4,
Friday, Saturday and Sunday


"La Sylphide"

Photographer's note: I ended up with over 500 photos of Acts 1 and 2, covering all three performances. At first I attempted to edit those down to one series of photos to represent the best of all three performances but finally gave up.

Rather than depicting a narrative of "La Sylphide" as a story, I decided that I wanted to display my photography of the three performances that took place at the Vashon High School theater, over all three days. What follows is a lot of photos, but I think it best represents the choreography, dancing, and acting of all the performers. Each performance was a little different, and I captured different moments within each. Enjoy!

If you have a faster Internet connection, you can view all pictures on one page

If you have a slower Internet connection, you can view pictures one-by-one, each on a single page.

1336LaSylph Fri

Act 1, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Act 2, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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'"La Sylphide" and Original Works'

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