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Father-Daughter Dance 2010 photography

Your complementary photos will be available for viewing and selection at:


Please allow me one week to process all the photos and put them up.

You receive two photos: one 8" by 10" and one 2.5" by 3.5" for your complementary photo frame.

These can either be of the same photo, or of two different photos.

You can order by email (preferable) to jsage@finchhaven.com

or by snail mail to John Sage, PO Box 2541, Vashon, WA 98070

DO NOT use Google Checkout unless you want to order additional photos beyond your complementary two

I will need

1) your return mailing address,

2) at least the first four digits (example: 1234_Father-Daughter_Dance_2010) of the photo(s) you choose, and

3) which is to be the 8x10 if you choose two different photos

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Last modified: Sun Jun 6 11:39:59 2010