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The NEW!
Fall 2004 Pirate Volleyball Schedule
at the VHS website

Note the addition of Cascade Christian, Life Christian, and Seattle Christian high schools..


2004 grades 9-10-11-12 volleyball camp, July 18-21, McMurray gym

Pirate 2003 Volleyball Awards!

Final 2003 State 2A volleyball results

Pirate Varsity volleyball's 2003 season ends at the Nisqually League Districts at Foster, Saturday 11/08/03

Who are the Vashon High School volleyball Pirates?

2004 Vashon High School Pirates Volleyball!

2004 grades 9-10-11-12 volleyball camp, July 18-21, McMurray gym

Contact Carrie Surmon, somehow...

2004-2005 Sports:

Fall Sports Start: Volleyball 8/23/04-11/13/04, Football 8/18/04 thru 12/4/04, Cross Country 8/23/04-11/6/04, Girls Soccer 8/23/04-11/20/04

Before the first Practice all athletes must turn in to the VHS office:

Parent Permission Form
Current Physical Form ( physicals performed after June 1, 2004 will be good for 2 years. Physicals before June 1, 2004 are good for 13 months.)
Pay Sports Fee $65.00
Pay ASB Fee $35.00

Senior's Night before the Eatonville victory! From the left: Malinda, Char, and Lara!
(and Lara's sister, Jennifer!)

Varsity gets psyched-up before the championship match at the Highline Varsity Invitationals!

The Fall 2004 Pirate Volleyball Schedule

At the Vashon High School Sports web page


To be eligible to participate in Fall sports, athletes must complete the following:

1. Current High School physical examination form, or Update form

2. Parent Permission form, including insurance information

3. Sign Code of Conduct on the Parent Permission form

4. Pay: VHS Activity Particpation fee: $65.00; ASB Card: $35.00

WIAA rules require 10 (ten) practices before participation in an athlete's first competition


Vashon High School Pirates Volleyball!

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New news:

  Dec 3 2003

2003 Pirate Volleyball Awards!

2003 Pirate Volleyball held its awards potluck on Wednesday, December 3, in the VHS Commons.

Varsity MVP: Lara Smith; Varstiy Most Inspirational: Char Skeffington; Varsity Most Improved: Jill Middling; Varsity Coach's Awards: Lara Smith, Lyssa Nelson, Jen Owens.

Varsity Junior Most Valuable Teammate: Rosalie Kuerschner; Runners-up, Jennifer Osgood and Rachel Stendahl; Honorable Mention: Tiffani Stark.

Varsity Junior Most Improved: a dead-heat tie between Jennifer Osgood and Chloe Melton; Runner-up: Justine Eister; Honorable Mention: Chantal Uto.

Varsity Junior Best Sportsmanship: Rosalie K; Runner-up: Danielle Rotter; Honorable Mention: Rachel S, Justine E, Karaena McCormack.

Varsity Junior Most Fun to have on the Team: Rachel S and her interpretive dance routines; Runner-up: Justine E; Honorable Mention: Danielle R and Rosalie K.

Varsity Junior "Go to Varsity for 2004": Rosalie K; Runner-up: Rachel S and Jennifer O; Honorable Mention: Tiffani S.

Freshman Most Valuable Teammate: Rose Pierce; Runners-up: Jenna Shiosaki and Marya Purrington; Honorable Mention: Raquel Jellison and Lily Marth.

Freshman Most Improved: Lily M; Runner-up: Rose P; Honorable Mention: Raquel J, Sarah Stover, Morgan Wegner.

Freshman Best Sportsmanship: Jenna Shiosaki; Runners-up: Morgan W, Lily M; Honorable Mention: Raquel J, Jasmine Hagerty.

Freshman Most Fun to have on the Team: Lily M; Runner-up: Rose P; Honorable Mention: Marya P and Raquel J.

Freshman "Go to Varsity for 2004": Jenna S; Runners-up: Rose P and Marya P; Honorable Mention: Lily M, Raquel J and Morgan W.

Varsity Junior and Freshman Coach's awards:

Raquel Jellison, for her unstoppable enthusiasm for the sport of volleyball, a tee-shirt which reads "Volleyball: Is there anything else?" For Raquel the answer is certainly "No!". Raquel practiced non-stop, and typically had to be asked several times by her mother to leave almost every night at practice. I understand that Raquel and her younger sister have to be asked to stop playing with the volleyball in their bedroom at night and go to sleep!

Tiffany Stark, arguably the strongest player on the VJ team, and highest point scorer on the team with 78 even though she missed some matches, a tee-shirt which reads: "It's not about me, it's about team!" Tiffani made tremendous progress during the year learning to play team volleyball, and will be a powerhouse player next year!

Jennifer Osgood, who played real volleyball for the first time this summer on August 25, and who ended up being second-highest scorer on the VJ team with 62 points, a tee-shirt which reads: "Sorry dear, did you want a manicure with that facial?" Several weeks into the season Jennifer was a little down, and didn't seem to feel like she was getting the game or finding her niche on the team. We had just started running her as a middle blocker, and after practice one evening when I told her about this saying, I could instantly see the light come on in her eyes and see that she had suddenly found her volleyball identity as a middle blocker!

Chloe Melton, whom Justine suggested I let try setting very late in the season, a tee-shirt which reads "Athletic by Nature, Volleyball Setter by Choice!" Chloe picked up setting very quickly and developed a real, nice soft touch with the ball. I got her to stop apologizing when she goofed up, and she listened to what I had to say and really came along very rapidly! Chloe shows great promise as a setter next year!

Varsity Junior and Freshman team members at the 2003 VHS Volleyball Awards potluck!
From the left: Rachel, Morgan, Raquel, Marya, Rose, Justine, Danielle, Rosalie, Jennifer, Chantal, and Tiffani!


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Who are we?

Varsity Pirates:

Junior Varsity:



The Pirate Coaches:

Returning Varsity coach for the upcoming 2004 season will again be Dave Plypick, voted Nisqually League coach of the year three times, by his peer coaches!

Dave coached the Varsity Pirates to a 10-and-3 record in the 2003 season, a win-loss record that's better than anyone can remember, going back for a very long time. Pirate Varsity's 2003 season came to an early end at Districts...  

Dave is the former Varsity coach at Foster High School in Tukwilla. Dave did a fantastic job with the Pirates in the 2002 season, turning Pirate volleyball around from a losing record of 1 win, 12 losses in 2001, to 7 wins, 6 losses, and being one win away from going to the 2002 State 2A Volleyball Championships!  

Well, I'm sad to say that I resigned my position as Junior Varsity volleyball coach, effective May 21, 2004. Mr Allison and I really needed to look at the big picture, here, and I am very comfortable with admitting that although I had an absolutely wonderful time coaching VJ and the freshmen for the 2003 season, and I did a pretty good job of it (Varsity Junior was 7-6 in the Nisqually League, and 8-7 for the season overall!), I really don't represent the future of Varsity volleyball at Vashon High School after Dave Plypick leaves, which will happen, sometime :-/

And now (June 22, 2004) I understand that Carrie Surmon (Varsity volleyball coach at McMurray middle school) has been hired as the new JV volleyball coach at VHS, for the 2004 season.

I wish Carrie all the best, and I'll do everything I can to help her do a great job coaching volleyball at VHS!

I love all the Pirate VB girls, and I'll still be around!


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