Winter 1999-2000
Vashon High School
Pirates Sports!

Vashon High School Pirate Sports
Winter 1999-2000 Schedule

(Updated to the 11/19/99 schedule sheets)

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Always check the Sports Line:
463-9171 and press "2" "2"

NOVEMBER 1999 -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Tues 11/30Girls BasketballCascade ChristianHEREJV, V5:45pm, 7:30pm
Tues 11/30Boys BasketballCascade Christianat Cascade ChristianC, JV, V4:00pm 5:45pm 7:30pm

DECEMBER 1999 -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Thur 12/02WrestlingFifeat FifeJV, V6:30pm 7:30pm
Fri 12/03Girls BasketballTacoma BaptistHEREJV, V5:45pm, 7:30pm
Tue 12/07Girls BasketballLife ChristianHEREJV, V5:45pm, 7:30pm
Tue 12/07Boys BasketballLife Christianat Life ChristianC, JV, V4:15pm 5:45pm 7:30pm
Thur 12/09WrestlingFoster - NLat FosterJV, V6:30pm 7:30pm
Fri 12/10Girls BasketballHighlineHEREJV, V5:45pm, 7:30pm
Sat 12/11Girls BasketballSeattle ChristianHEREJV, V5:00pm, 6:30pm
Sat 12/11Boys BasketballForksat ForksC, JV, V5:45pm 5:45pm 7:30pm
Thur 12/09WrestlingConnell Invitationalat ConnellV
Thur 12/16WrestlingSteilacoom - NLHEREJV, V6:30pm 7:30pm

First Home Double-Header!
Fri 12/17Girls BasketballWoodlandHEREJV, VV 5:15pm,
JV 7:00pm
Fri 12/17Boys BasketballWoodlandHEREJV, VJV 5:15pm,
V 7:00pm

Fri Sat Sun
WrestlingSilverado Invitational!at Las Vegas, NVV
Sat 12/18Girls BasketballPort TownsendHEREC?, JV, V???, 4:00pm 6:00pm
Sat 12/18Boys BasketballEllensburgat EllensburgC, JV, V5:30pm 5:30pm 7:00pm
Mon 12/20Girls BasketballGirls' Alumni Game!HERE6:30pm
Tue 12/21Boys BasketballHazenHEREJV, V5:30pm 7:00pm
Tue Wed
Girls BasketballBlaine TournamentBlaine, MeridianJV, VTBA, TBA
Tue 12/28Boys BasketballNooksackHEREJV, V5:00pm 7:00pm
Wed Thur
Boys BasketballHoliday Tournament
2 games
Seattle PrepTBA
Thur 12/30WrestlingThe Rock Island Tournament:
Lakeside, Mount Baker, Lakewood, Ridgefield, Hoquiam, Elma, Kalma, Quincy, Blaine, and Vashon!


JANUARY 2000 -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Wed 01/05/00Girls BasketballYelmYelm5:15pm 7:00pm
Thur 01/06/00WrestlingOrting - NLHERE6:30pm 7:30pm
Sat 01/08/00Boys BasketballElmaHEREC, JC, V5:00pm CES, 5:00 7:00pm
Sat 01/08/00WrestlingEdmonds-Woodland InvitationalEdmondsVarsity
Sat 01/08/00WrestlingElma JV TournamentElmaJV

Nisqually League Home Double-Header!
Tue 01/11/00Girls BasketballFoster - NLHEREJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Tue 01/11/00Boys BasketballFoster - NLHEREJV V5:45pm 7:30pm

Thur 01/13/00WrestlingEatonville - NLEatonville6:30pm 7:30pm

Nisqually League Home Double-Header!
Fri 01/14/00Girls BasketballSteilacoom - NLHEREJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 01/14/00Boys BasketballSteilacoom - NLHEREJV V5:45pm 7:30pm

Sat 01/16/00WrestlingKalama InvitationalKalamaVarsity
Sat 01/16/00WrestlingOlympia JV TournamentOlympiaJV
Tue 01/18/00Girls BasketballOrting - NLOrtingJV V5:45pm 7:30pm
Tue 01/18/00Boys BasketballOrting - NLOrtingJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 01/21/00Girls BasketballEatonville - NLEatonvilleJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 01/21/00Boys BasketballEatonville - NLEatonvilleC JV V4:00pm 7:30pm 5:45pm
Mon 01/24/00WrestlingKlahowyaKlahowya6:30pm 7:30pm
Tue 01/25/00Girls BasketballChimacumHEREJV V5:45pm 7:30pm
Tue 01/25/00Boys BasketballChimacumHEREC JV V4:00pm 7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 01/28/00Girls BasketballFoster - NLFosterJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 01/28/00Boys BasketballFoster - NLFosterJV V5:45pm 7:30pm
Sat 01/29/00WrestlingJV Qualifier - NLOrtingJV

FEBRUARY 2000 -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Tue 02/01/00Girls BasketballChimacumChimacumJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Tue 02/01/00Boys BasketballChimacumChimacumC JV V4:00pm VHS 5:45pm 7:30pm
Fri 02/04/00Girls BasketballSteilacoomSteilacoomJV V4:00pm 5:45pm
Fri 02/04/00Boys BasketballSteilacoomSteilacoomV7:30pm
Sat 02/05/00WrestlingSub-District TournamentFoster

Nisqually League Home Double-Header!
Tue 02/08/00Girls BasketballOrtingHEREJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Tue 02/08/00Boys BasketballOrtingHEREC JV V4:00pm VHS 5:45pm 7:30pm

Nisqually League Home Double-Header!
Fri 02/11/00Girls BasketballEatonvilleHEREJV V7:30pm 5:45pm
Fri 02/11/00Boys BasketballEatonvilleHEREC JV V4:00pm VHS 5:45pm 7:30pm

Sat 02/12/00WrestlingBi-District TournamentMount Lake Terrace
Fri 02/18/00Girls BasketballCross-over DistrictsHome gym - higher seeded teams
Sat 02/19/00Boys BasketballCross-over DistrictsHome gym - higher seeded teams
Fri 02/18/00
Sat 02/19/00
WrestlingState ChampionshipsTacoma Dome
Tue 02/22/00
Sat 03/04/00
Girls BasketballDistrictsMount Vernon
Thur 02/24/00
Sat 03/04/00
Boys BasketballBi-DistrictsMount Vernon
Wed 03/08/00
Sat 03/11/00
Girls BasketballState ChampionshipsYakima
Wed 03/08/00
Sat 03/11/00
Boys BasketballState ChampionshipsYakima

Always check the Sports Line:
463-9171 and press "2" "2"

Winter 1999-2000
Vashon High School
Pirates Sports!

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