Spring 2000 Pirate Girls' Tennis!

Pirate Girls Tennis at the West Central District AA Tournament!

Friday and Saturday, May 19-20, 2000

(At Bally's Pac-West, Federal Way -- these pictures are from Friday only)

Caitlin and Caroline were in center court, so I was able to get some OK pictures..

Caroline has this marvelous disinterested manner that really fakes out her opponents: she seems like she's not paying any attention at all...

...and then *WHAP* - a great passing shot with tremendous location!

Asa played on court four, so I was able to stand right on the side line!

Asa made this shot!

(She really had to scramble to get back into position, though...)

This match was later in the day and was a real defensive battle. I ended up leaving a little after 5:00pm...

Let's just say that this match was one that Margaret and Phuong would rather forget..

The girls had a few good shots, but for the most part they were pretty out of whack..

Pirate Girls Tennis
at the District 3 Tournament

Friday, May 5, 2000

The Pirate Girls win the Nisqually League Girls' Tennis Championship, and win first place and third place in singles, and first place in doubles at the Nisqually/Olympic League Tournament!

Doubles teams of Phuong Lai and Margaret Pearce, and Caroline Tucker and Caitlin Canfield played their best matches of the season! Third doubles pair Rachel Weiss and Lindsey Bruce also played well, particularily since this was their first time as a doubles pair, and finally lost to second-seeded Klahowya in a loser-out match.

Asa Shigley play a strong tournament as the Pirate number one single. Jenny Montgomery was number two singles, and Tessie Staedecker number three singles player. Both these freshmen played very strong matches and show a great deal of promise for the Varsity tennis team next season.

Next up for the girls: Girls' Bi-District playoffs will be held Friday and Saturday May 19 and 20 at Pac West, Federal Way.

State is again at the Yakima Racquet Club on Friday and Saturday May 26 and 27

Rachel and Lindsey


Tess played one heck of a great match, later in the day, indoors at Lakewood where I couldn't get any pictures..

Right about now, it's just starting to rain...

And then the skies opened up..

.. and everybody headed for cover!

It rained for maybe a half an hour, and then it stopped, but first it would get sunny for a few minutes..

..and then it would get cloudy again, and then it started sprinkling..

So, with all good intentions..

But it was no use, so somebody put in a call, and we all headed down to the Lakewood Racquet Club, which was *really* cool, and where it rained, too, but where we also had four indoor courts!

Kermit getting everbody straightened out...

Caitlin and Caroline also had a great match outside, later, but I was out of "film" (floppy disks)..

Rachel and Lindsey

Meanwhile, outside..



Jenny played an absolutely fantastic match against (I think) a senior from Steilacoom or Eatonville.

Phuong and Margaret

Pirate Girls Tennis
at the District 3 Tournament

Friday, May 5, 2000

Spring 2000 Pirate Girls' Tennis!

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