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Vashon High School Pirates Sports!

(updated through the 09/07/00 schedules)

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Ya know, I don't like to editorialize, but the schedule's a *lot* smaller this year due to the cuts in the Athletics budget.

Some events that were scheduled on the June schedules are now "Not Attending" or "Cancelled".

C teams are gone unless some individual means of funding a specific C team are found. (I contributed $100.00 to Girls' Volleyball to support a C team this fall..)

I'm predicting an increase in the population of uptown rats later this winter...

Always check the Sports Line:
463-9171 and press "2" "2"

SEPTEMBER -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Sat 09/02FootballJamboree(Cancelled)
Tue 09/05Boys TennisFoster (NL)at VashonV3:30pm
Wed 09/06Girls VolleyballMariner JamboreeMariner HS, MukilteoJunior Varsity3:30pm
Girls SoccerLakewoodLakewoodJV/V4:00pm
Thur 09/07Boys TennisSteilacoom (NL)at Vashon3:30pm
Cross CountrySteilacoom Jamboree(Not Attending)
Girls VolleyballForksat VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Fri 09/08FootballWest Seattleat VashonV7:00pm
Sat 09/09Girls VolleyballMariner TournamentMariner HS, MukilteoVarsity9:00am!
Boys TennisNisqually League JamboreeTBD
Mon 09/11Girls SoccerEvergreenat VashonV3:30pm
Tue 09/12Boys TennisEatonville (NL)Eatonville3:30pm
Cross CountrySteilacoom (NL)at Vashon4:00pm
Thur 09/14Girls VolleyballLakewoodMoved to LakewoodC/JV/V4:30 5:45 7:00pm
Girls SoccerSultanat VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Sat 09/16FootballCascade Christianat VashonVarsitychanged: 6:00pm
Cross CountrySouth WhidbeySouth Whidbey4:00
Mon 09/18FootballCascade Christianat VashonJunior Varsity4:00pm
Tue 09/19Boys TennisChimacum (NL)at Vashon3:30pm
Cross CountryOrting (NL)at Vashon4:00pm
Thur 09/21Girls SoccerSteilacoom (NL)at VashonJV4:00 6:00pm
Boys TennisFosterFoster3:30pm
Fri 09/22FootballKlahowya (NL)KlahowyaVarsity5:00pm
Mon 09/25Girls VolleyballChimacum (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Tue 09/26Girls SoccerEatonville (NL)at VashonJV, V4:00 6:00pm
Boys TennisSteilacoom (NL)Steilacoom3:30pm
Cross CountryFoster (NL)Foster4:00pm
Wed 09/27Girls VolleyballEatonvillle (NL)EatonvillleJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Thur 09/28Girls SoccerFoster (NL)FosterJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Boys TennisEatonville (NL)at Vashon3:30pm
Fri 09/29FootballChimacum (NL)at VashonVarsity7:00pm

OCTOBER -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Mon 10/02Girls VolleyballFoster (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
FootballChimacum (NL)ChimacumJunior Varsity4:00pm
Tue 10/03Girls SoccerOrting (NL)at VashonV5:00pm
Cross CountrySteilacoom (NL)Steilacoom4:00pm
Wed 10/04Girls VolleyballOrting (NL)OrtingJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Thu 10/05Girls SoccerChimacum (NL)ChimacumV3:30pm
Boys TennisChimacum (NL)at Vashon3:30pm
Fri 10/06FootballEatonville (NL)at VashonVarsity7:00pm
Sat 10/07Cross CountryCascade InvitationalLeavenworthGirls 12:30pm
Boys 1:05pm
Mon 10/09Girls VolleyballSteilacoom (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
FootballEatonville (NL)at VashonJunior Varsity4:00pm
Tue 10/10Girls SoccerKing's WestKing's WestV3:45pm
Boys TennisFoster (NL)Foster3:30pm
Cross CountryFoster (NL)at Vashon4:00pm
Wed 10/11Girls VolleyballChimacum (NL)ChimacumJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Thur 10/12Girls SoccerSteilacoom (NL)SteilacoomV4:00 3:45pm
Boys TennisSteilacoom (NL)Steilacoom3:30pm
Fri 10/13FootballPort Townsend (NL)Port TownsendVarsity7:00pm
Sat 10/14Cross CountryPort Townsend (NL)Port TownsendVarsity9:00am
Mon 10/16Girls VolleyballEatonville (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Tue 10/17Girls SoccerEatonvilleEatonvilleJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Boys TennisEatonvilleat Vashon3:30pm
Cross CountryOrting (NL)Orting4:00pm
Wed 10/18Girls VolleyballFoster (NL)FosterJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Thur 10/19Girls SoccerFoster (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Fri 10/20FootballOrting (NL)at VashonVarsity7:00pm


Mon 10/23Girls VolleyballOrting (NL)at VashonJV/V4:00 6:00pm
FootballOrting (NL)OrtingJunior Varsity4:00pm
Tue 10/24Girls SoccerOrting (NL)OrtingV5:00pm
Boys TennisChimacumChimacum3:30pm
Wed 10/25Girls VolleyballSteilacoomSteilacoomJV/V4:00 6:00pm
Thur 10/26Girls SoccerChimacum (NL)at VashonV6:00pm
Fri 10/27FootballSteilacoomSteilacoomVarsity7:00pm
Cross CountryDistrictsSkagit Valley College
Mount Vernon
Thur Fri Sat
10/26 27 28
Boys TennisLeague Sub-DistrictsTBATBA
Mon 10/30FootballSteilacoomat VashonJunior Varsity4:00pm

NOVEMBER -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

TBAGirls SoccerLeague Sub-DistrictsTBATBA
Fri 11/03FootballFoster (NL)FosterVarsity7:00pm

Sat 11/04Girls VolleyballBi-Districtsat Vashon7:00pm

Vashon is hosting the Girls Volleyball Bi-District Playoffs this year, for the first time! Come out and see the best volleyball the Nisqually League has to offer!
Sat 11/04Girls SoccerDistrict #1 & #3SilverdaleTBA
Sat 11/04Cross CountryStatePasco
(Sun Willows Golf Course)
Tue 11/07FootballDistrict #1 & #3 PlayoffsDistrict #3 site7:00pm
Wed 11/08Girls SoccerDistrict PlayoffsSilverdaleTBA
Fri Sat
11/10 11/11
Girls VolleyballStateSun Dome, YakimaTBA
Fri Sat
11/17 11/18
Girls SoccerSemi-Finals/FinalsFederal Way StadiumTBA
Fri Sat
11/24 11/25
FootballSemi-FinalsTacoma Dome/East WA SitesTBA

DECEMBER -- (NL) = a Nisqually League game  --  Goto Top

Fri Sat
12/01 12/02
FootballGridiron ClassicTacoma DomeTBA

Always check the Sports Line:
463-9171 and press "2" "2"

Fall 2000
Vashon High School Pirates Sports!

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