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Pirate Boys Basketball!

Pirate Boys' Basketball!

Calvin at the last game of the Bi-Districts!

We lost to Steilacoom 48-59 -- 03/04/00 :-(

The Pirates end their season at sixth place in the 2000 Bi-District playoffs,
but that's not good enough to get to State...

Playoff finals pictures

So, something happened along the way, somewhere between beating Foster by 18 on 02/24 and losing to Nooksack Valley on 02/29.

We were real conservative, real tight, and real tentative in this last game (vs Steilacoom) that I saw.

I don't know what the ref'ing and/or foul situation was in the Nooksack Valley game, but something somewhere made the boys real tight.

In this last game we had (whine whine whine...) some definite imbalance in the foul calls: we were getting called for stuff *I* couldn't see, and Steilacoom was swarming and doing a lot of over-the-back and a lot of reach-ins with impunity...

(Whine whine whine...)

But something really had an effect on the boys to make them so tight...

We also had a lot of rainbow passes, like VIJB stuff, and a lot of turnovers generally.

And no rebounding.

And not much in the way of shot selection...

And Steilacoom, to their credit, played a good trap/full-court-press defense that slowed the Pirates and got us into a back-court/front-court game that we couldn't figure out...

So what do you expect, with all of that?

We lost!

Here's what was happening:

Mount Vernon -- Saturday 03/04/00

"Not only did Steilacoom High take fifth place in the Class 2A
Bi-District boys basketball tournament to advance to state this week,
but the Sentinels got some revenge on Vashon in their 59-48 victory
Saturday at Mount Vernon.

Last year, Vashon defeated Steilacoom in the loser-out game,
49-48, so this victory was extra sweet.

The Sentinels led 13-9 at the end of the first quarter,
but the Pirates rallied back and took a one-point lead heading
into the half, 27-26.

Steilacoom put the game away in the third quarter with a 21-6 run
and Vashon couldn't get back within striking distance.

Steilacoom's Brian Ford scored 26 points, notched four assists,
and was named to the district all-tournament team. Teammate
Kendrick Holley added 11 points and grabbed a game-high 15 rebounds.

Jesse Davis and Calvin Ento combined for 36 of Vashon's 48 points,
but it wasn't enough to defeat, Steilacoom which claimed
the fifth and final state berth."

So after Jesse and Calvin, we had 12 points...

MOUNT VERNON -- 03/03/00

Port Townsend rallied in the final two minutes to clinch
a State-tournament berth and put Vashon's State bid on hold. 

Down by one point with 1 1/2 minutes to go, Port Townsend
came back to beat Vashon 52-49 last night (03/02/00) in the Class 2A
Bi-District boys basketball tournament.

The victory clinched a State-tournament berth for the Redskins,
who will play Lynden Christian at noon Saturday for third
and fourth places in the Bi-Districts. 

Casey Gribble scored 18 points for Port Townsend.

Calvin Ento pumped in 25 points for Vashon. 

Vashon's State hopes go on the line Saturday in a loser-out game
against Steilacoom - 3:30 p.m. at Mount Vernon High School.

The Bi-District Brackets:

Vashon - WIAA West Central District 3 - 1st place
Port Townsend - West Central District 3 - 2nd place

Nooksack - WIAA Northwest District 1 - 1st place
Blaine - Northwest District 1 - 2nd place

So, the Bi-Districts:

Sultan 31----------
                   |-Game 5-Steilacoom---
Steilacoom 73------                      |
                                         |              |
          G5 Nooksack NW #1 2nd place----               | loser Vashon to G14, below
                            loser to G9, below          |
Foster 49----------                                     |              |
                   |-Game 6-Foster-------               |              |
Mount Baker 45-----                      |              |              |
                                         |-G11-Vashon---               |
                                         |                             |- WINNER - Blaine 62
            G6 Vashon WC #3 1st place----                              |  1st place 2A Bi-districts
                            loser to G9, below                         |
Lynden Christian W-                                                    |      ON TO STATE!
                   |-G7-Lynden Christian-                              |
Chimacum L---------                      |                             |- LOSER - Nooksack Valley 48
                                         |-G12-Lynden C-               |  2nd place 2A Bi-districts
                                         |              |              |
     G7 Port Townsend WC #3 2nd place----               |              |
                            loser to G10, below         |              |
Eatonville 76------                                     |
                   |-G8-Eatonvillle------               | loser to G13, below
Meridian 51--------                      |              |
            G8 Blaine NW #1 1st place----
                            loser to G10, below

...and like that.

Here's the 3rd place-4th place brackets for the 2A Bi-Districts..

G9 Steilacoom------
                   |-G13 Steilacoom------
G9 Foster----------                      |
                                         |-G16 Lynden C--------
                                         |                     |
                     G13 Lynden C--------                      |
                              loser Steilacoom to G17, below   |- Winner 3rd pl 
                                                               |  2A Bi-districts - and to State!
G10 Pt Townsend----                                            |
                   |-G14 Port Townsend---                      |- Loser 4th pl
G10 Eatonville-----                      |                     |  2A Bi-districts - and to State!
                                         |-G16 Port Townsend--- 
                     G14 Vashon---------- 

                              loser Vashon to G17, below

And fifth place..

G17 Steilacoom-----
                   |- Winner Steilacoom - 5th place, 2A Bi-Districts - and to State!
G17 Vashon---------
                       Loser out...

                       ...which was us - Vashon 48 - Steilacoom 59

How the season ended, in a nutshell..

We lose to Port Townsend 49-52 -- 03/02/00 :-(

We lose to Nooksack Valley -- 02/29/00 :-(

We beat Foster 68-50 -- 02/24/00!

The Pirates end up as West Central District 3 Champs!

Ninth-ranked Vashon Pirate Boys defeat
Port Townsend 84 - 83 to advance in Districts!

Wow! was the Port Townsend game a thriller!

By the quarters:
Q1 Vashon 25 - Port Townsend 16 (OK! this is gonna be easy!)
Q2 Vashon 40 - Port Townsend 37 (Hey guys! Don't let 'em back in..)
Q3 Vashon 68 - Port Townsend 53 (OK! this is gonna be easy!)
Final: Vashon 84 - Port Townsend 83! Man! What a game!

I had Calvin Ento 26pts 2pf; Kenny Ento (Kenny had a great night!) 20pts 4pf; Jesse Davis 11pts 3pf; Jay Irish 11pts 4pf; Jeremy Deibell 9pts and 5pf; Chris Chee 3pts 4pf; Joey Garcia 2pt 1pf; and Hanusa and Dashiell.

As usual, it doesn't add up to 84, and so it goes..

We went ahead for the last time on free throws by Kenny Ento and were up 84-83 with 14 seconds to go!

Port Townsend brought the ball inbounds and drove down the left side to the block, and we got a steal by (I think..) Joey Garcia with 8 seconds left and that was it!

Joey drove the court and made his layup, but time had expired although you couldn't hear the horn because it was so loud!

What a game!

Port Townsend played a fantastic game, particularily #20 Casey Gribble, who I had for 34 points! I had #30 Greg Caldwell for 25 points including 15 in three's! But after that, that was pretty much it for Port Townsend.

Pirate Boys vs Orting!

Tuesday 02/08/00

Varsity Boys 91 - Orting 43!

I had Calvin for 29 points, Jesse for 19, Joey for 16, Jay for 8, Kenny for 8, Chris H for 5, Chris C for 2, and I'm short 4 but it was pretty exciting and I kinda lost track!

JV Boys 65 - Orting JV 48!

Pirate Boys vs Foster!

Tuesday 01/11/00

Nisqually League Season opener at home!

Calvin Ento scores a VHS single-game record 35 points!

Junior Varsity lost by - what? - 17? - to a pretty good, quick Foster JV team. I didn't keep score; we were kinda in it for a while but missed a *lot* of layups; had some bad passes; had some turnovers; needed better shot selection; and so it goes...

Varsity, on the other hand, was a complete reversal: we jumped out right away and didn't look back.

Q1 V 17/F 8; Q2 V 32/F 23; Q3 V 45/F 39; Q4 V 66/F51

Of course there's the minor deal about Calvin: 16pts first half and a Vashon High School single-game record of 35 points for the game!

After Calvin I had Jesse for 11pts 1pf; Jeremy for 10pts 0pf; Chad 4pts 0pf; Kenny 2pts and he fouled-out; Jay 1pt 0pf; and I'm sure I'm short some points somewhere *sigh*

Pirate Boys vs Elma!

Saturday 01/08/00

Junior Varsity played a pretty good but close game against Elma.

Q1 V 14/E 12; Q2 V 30/E 25; Q3 V 44/E 37; and winning Q4 V 55/E 53 with two by Cam at the buzzer!

I had Cam for 15pts 2 pf; Sean with 16 pts 2 pf; Willis with 7 pts 4 pf; Jake 7 pts 2 pf; Mason 6pts 4 pf; and Sam, Greg, Troy, Mark, and Dusan. Probably doesn't add up... oh well.

Varsity played pretty well against a balanced attack: 6 Elma players scored with the Ferrier brothers with 22pts and 24pts and others with 10pts, 9pts, 7pts and 6pts.. (I was short 4pts somewhere..)

Basically we had Calvin: I had him for 21pts in the first half; he fouled out with 3:54 left in the game with 31pts (!) but he sat out the last four minutes.. Jay Irish fouled out too with 6pts..

After that I had Jesse with 9pts 2 pf; Chris 6pts 2 pf; Jeremy 3pts 4pf; Kenny 2pts 3pf; and Chad and Chris and Josh...

Coach: Gary Schaplow

Junior Varsity and Varsity teams

Practices are coordinated with the Girls' Basketball teams with alternating times for after-school and later practices.

Games are twice a week on Tuesday and Friday nights, with some weekend games.

The team travels to Vancouver Island for a tournament over winter break.

The Chautauqua Elementary School gym facility is used for JV practices and JV home games.

All Nisqually League games are at 5:30pm and 7:30pm.
[except for those the schedule shows at 5:45 :-0 ]

First practice: November 15, 1999. Season ends March 18, 2000

Minimum 10 practices per individual; contest limit: 20 games

Vashon High School
Pirate Boys Basketball!

Pirate Boys' Basketball!

Calvin at the last game of the Bi-Districts!

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