Goodbye Kingdome! Hello Safeco!

June 26, 1999 -- Seattle Mariners vs Texas Rangers

The next-to-last baseball game in the Kingdome!

[da Kingdome!]

Here's the back (north) side of Safeco, on Royal Brougham Way

[da Kiingdome!]

The Kingdome is kinda butt-ugly..

[da Kingdome!]

Not exactly what you'd call an enticing portal..

[da Kingdome!]

The concourses are really narrow - this is the 100 level..

[Mariners vs Texas!]

Jamie Moyer warms up..

[Mariners vs Texas!]

Play Ball! The first pitch, to Royce Clayton..

[Mariners vs Texas!]

Junior walks, Edgar walks, Segui gets an RBI single..

[Mariners vs Texas!]

Da Moose during the 7th inning stretch!

[Kingdome Panarama!]

Seventh Inning Stretch! Mariners up 4-1!

[Mariners vs Texas!]

I thought it was an interesting game, but then I'm easily amused..

[Mariners vs Texas!]

Paniagua warms up in the top of the 8th after Moyer gives up a double and two singles. It's 3-4 Mariners..

So Jose Paniagua comes in and gives up an RBI single right away to Roberto Kelly and it's 4-4; then Luis Alicea flies-out to David Bell; then Royce Clayton grounds out ARod to David Segui and we're up in the bottom of the eighth tied 4-4.

Butch Huskey comes up and walks; John Mabry sacrifices Huskey over 1-3; David Bell comes up and hits an RBI single to drive in Huskey; Tom Lampkin reaches first on E6 when Royce Clayton bobbles the grounder behind second; Brian Hunter K's; ARod flies out to Clayton and it's Hang On Time and Oh! Sh*t! Lou's bringing in Jose Mesa..

So Mesa's pitching and throwing a lot of balls but gets Ivan Rodriguez to ground out 6-3 ARod to Segui; Rusty Greer walks SH*T!; Juan Gonzales singles to advance Greer but only to second; One out and runners on first and second and Raphael Palmero comes up and Mesa's still throwing a lot of balls; BUT WAIT! Palmero grounds into a double-play 6-4-3 ARod to Bell to Segui and it's all over and we win!

Mariners 5 -- Texas Rangers 4!

On to Safeco!


(inside joke..)

And we all stroll out into the winter afternoon..


It's late June! Who wants to play baseball outside in this kinda weather?!

Can we talk about this?

[da Kingdome!]

We'll be at Safeco Field August 8th to see the New York Yankees! Pretty good seats (I think..) eight rows back in the 300 level right behind third base! We'll see!

Stay Tuned!

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