Happy New Year's 1999!

We had plans for a kinda big New Year's party, but with a coupla no-shows,
it came down to Rosalie and Amanda and me and the birds!

[Happy '99!]

We watched the MTV 1998 Top 100 Request Countdown in four-speaker stereo, Really Loud, until 11:00, and then switched back and forth between the MTV New Year's Eve Party, and New Year's Fireworks at the Seattle Center Space Needle - which we can see from outside on our deck! We also shot off a bunch of Piccolo Pete's which we saved from July 4th!

And we had Peppy®, and Squirt®, and Doritos® and Chee-tos® and pretzels and Ruffles® and Sour Patch Kids® and Jelly Bellys® and Japanese rice crackers and trail mix and two large cheese pizzas from John Dough's! And it was all for us!

At midnight we toasted with sparkling cider and popped balloons full of confetti and went outside and shot off our fireworks and yelled "Happy New Year!"

And came back in and proceeded to cover the house with confetti!

[Happy '99!]

Happy New Year's!

[Happy '99!]


[Happy '99]


[Happy '99!]

Tiny bubbles!

[Happy '99!]


[Happy '99!]

Fireworks over in Seattle!

[Happy '99!]


and that was Happy New Year's 1999!

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