Return to the Ice Wolf, opening night: Act 1

Return to the Ice Wolf, opening night: Acts 2, 3

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the Ice Wolf

by Blue Heron Youth Theatre, directed by Patricia Kelly

Written by Johanna Halpert Krause; Produced by special arrangement with New Plays inc

A Tale of the Eskimos

Place and Time

The entire action of the play takes place in a small, isolated Eskimo village, Little Whale River, and in the forest, a few days inland. It is located in the Hudson Bay area of Canada.

The time is long before the white man had been seen, a time when spirits and the Shaman, or the Wise Man, ruled.


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The cast...

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...take a bow!

The Characters


ATATA, an elder: Cameron McCulloch

KARVIK, Anatou's father: Will Kutscher

ARNARQIK, Anatou's mother: Maddi Waits

KIVIOG, Tarto's father: Max Merchant

Villagers: Grace Dzacki, Nathan Combs, Cameron McCulloch



The Characters, continued

SHIKIKANAQ, a girl: Grace Dzacki

MOTOMIAK, a boy: Nathan Combs

ANATOU, a fair skinned girl: Lila O'Brien

TARTO, Anatou's best friend: Sage Everett

WOOD GOD, God of the Forest: Will Kutscher

FOX: Maddi Waits

BEAVER: Nathan Combs


9303 IceWolf

Lucas Dzacki, drums, and Nathan Ott, lighting

9304 IceWolf

Patricia Kelly, director, and Gordon Millar, flute

Production Staff

Director: Patricia Kelly

Native American flute: Gordon Millar

Drums: Lucas Dzacki

Lighting: Nathon Ott

Costumes: Nancy Bachant, Drama Dock, Victoria Davies, EBay

Scene Painting: Gordon Millar, Maddi Waits, Will Kutscher, Sage Everett, Grace Dzacki, India Everett, Anna Smith

Publicity/Poster: Janice Randall

Special Thanks

Vashon Allied Arts staff: Jason Everett, Janice Mallman, Pauline Richardson

Nancy Bachant; Kevin Freeman;

The parents of the cast and the crew

Drama Dock

9305 IceWolf

Gordon Millar, Native American flute

Director's notes

"From the East Coast Hudson Bay Eskimos comes this exciting, authentic tale of a pale-haired child, exiled by her own people because she was "the different one...Anatou." In a village ruled by spirits, Shamans, superstition and myth, such a different one has no place. During a famine, in which her parents disappear in a storm, Anatou is cast out. She seeks out the forest, where no Eskimo goes, and begs the Wood God to turn her into a wolf."

"It is an honor to direct The Ice Wolf by Johanna Halpert Krause at the Blue Heron Art Center. Messages in this play speak to audiences of all ages. We all wish to be accepted for our differences and celebrated for our uniquenesses. The Blue Heron Youth Theatre is an excellent medium to explore social issues of rejection, acceptance, and a deep understanding of how choices we make affect others. I wish to thank an outstanding group of actors, musicians, and technicians. Their dedication to this performance and willingness to explore their own personal "uniquenessess" will create indelible memories for all."

     - Patricia Kelly

9307 IceWolf

Patricia Kelly, Director

Return to the Ice Wolf, opening night: Act 1

Return to the Ice Wolf, opening night: Acts 2, 3

About: the Ice Wolf

Opening night!

Saturday night closeups!

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